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Innovator's Playground

DESIGNamite offers innovative architecture and design after school enrichment and professional development workshops for the K-12 community. It promotes creativity, analytical, problem-solving skills, spatial exploration and critical thinking through the dynamic infusion of art, math, science and social studies and STEAM curriculum.

With the exhibit, the public will see elementary school students developing a design project and using the unique DESIGNamite educational products to strengthen their mathematical, dimensional and spatial skills. More information about DESIGNamite can be found at

Growing AMMF13

Last evening, our planning team had a chance to chat with Sabrina Merlo, from Make Media. Sabrina manages all of the Maker Faires and we’re grateful she found some time for us. She offered some valuable insight and inspiration for this year’s event. One the ideas that really caught our attention was the attendance required to drop the ‘Mini’ and become a Maker Faire. That level is 10,000 attendees, and would put us in the company of New York, Detroit, and San Francisco. Last year, we estimate 6000-7500 were in attendance; being more than halfway there is great inspiration to grow our faire by leaps and bounds this year!

To reach that milestone, we’ll need everyone’s support. In the next few weeks, we’ll outline volunteer opportunities and ways you can join our social media crew to help spread the word.┬áRight now, we’re asking your help in creating the brand for AMMF13. We’d like to be the Maker hub of the South. What does that look like? What phrase captures that idea? What images? Send us your ideas. When we have a good ideas of what we’re looking for, we’ll have a design contest for the official art of AMMF2013.

We’re also looking for a Volunteer Manager and Marketing Director to join our planning team. Both are volunteer positions and would require about 2 hours of face time per month for the next 6 months, and then about 2 hours per week for September and October.

Email your interest and branding ideas to <>. We intend to post ideas online, so let us know if you’re not ok with that.

-The AMMF13 Team