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http://www.mbeckett.co.nz/images/Schoolproject/YourDuinoLogo%20(Small).jpgYourDuino is about learning how to make things with Arduino.. especially interesting high-tech inventions like Robots, Automation Systems, Weather Stations.,etc. YourDuino is a partnership between Terry King, Jun Peng and Mary Alice Osborne. Terry is an old Engineer from Vermont and Jun Peng is a young man from China who is contributing his energy and his knowledge of the Chinese markets to bring you interesting, high-quality products at low cost. Mary Alice is a school librarian who has designed and run libraries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and now coordinates educational materials and marketing for YourDuino.com. We also run a free educational wiki for learning how to use Arduino at: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/


GVU Research Center Demos

http://gvu.gatech.edu/sites/all/resources/gvu%20logo%20black%20opaque-01.pngDemos of projects and hardware from the GVU Center, an interdisciplinary research center at Georgia Tech.
Demos will include a wearable computer that can help you work with wild dolphins, and a vest that can help assistance does work with their owners, and more!


FIRST Robotics Team 4080

http://frcteam4080.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/FRCicon_RGB1.jpgFRC team Reboot is a high school robotics team made up of home schooled students. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). In FRC the challenge changes every year and each team only has six weeks to build and program their robots. Our official team number is 4080.


Think. Do. Make.

What is design? How does one do it? Is doing design similar to doing science, engineering, art, or some combination? We will explore these questions by doing design – short deep dives and extended engagements with a range of design problems — and by taking design apart – careful, considered, and speculative unpacking of some everyday products.

Students will show interactive and engaging artifacts or installations that they have explored and created over the first half of the semester.

This is group 1 of 4.


Georgia Tech Invention Studio

http://www.capstone.gatech.edu/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/inv_studio-279x300.jpgThe Invention Studio is student-run design-build-play space open to all Georgia Tech students. It is staffed Undergraduate Lab Instructors, student volunteers who are always on hand to train and help with students with their projects projects. Use of the studio is free, and all majors and years are welcome.


SPSU Electric Vehicle Team

We are a group of students at Southern Polytechnic State University interested in developing electric transportation. We built an electric motorcycle to compete in the TTXGP (electric motorcycle racing series) with a top speed of 160 mph. We also have an electric go-kart that we built. Both projects use different types of motors and batteries.


Robotics in Schools / FIRST Robotics Team 3573

http://static.wixstatic.com/media/09baf0_640b7b16594e08821f709ca2f62a9968.png_srz_130_165_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzWe are FIRST Robotics Team 3573 The Ohms and we make robots.

Creating, expanding, and encouraging interest in STEM fields is a critical area at all levels of education. The Ohms, FIRST Robotics Team 3573 headquartered at the Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology, would like to show you some of the robotics projects that students of all ages can get involved with. For younger students, or the young at heart, we’d also like to teach you how to make a Vibrobot.


Decatur Makers

http://decaturmakers.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/decatur-makers-wordpress-header5.pngDecatur Makers brings two cool projects to AMMF13.

Flexagons: We will have materials where participants can make origami flexagons from paper, and also 3 dimensional flexagons from wire and straws.

Non-Newtonian Hopscotch:  a new twist on an old game. Hop and jump across a Hopscotch board filled with non-newtonian fluid. It you stand still you’ll sink, but if you keep jumping, then the shear-thickening properties will keep you on the surface of the liquid.


Halo Spartan Armor

http://i.imgur.com/4poLyNK.jpg Christopher Elsey – made a replica suit of Mjolnir armor from the Halo series. This was a project done for a seminar in my first year at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) and has updated it since.

The armor is made of cardstock, cut and folded into shaped, and hardened with bondo body filler. Other parts of the armor are made with EVA foam, cut and glued together to be comfortable and then painted after a coat of plasti-dip is applied to keep the paint from stretching easily. Electronics, such as LED’s, fans, and speakers, can be added and removed easily however there are none at this time.

I do plan to attempt modeling and 3D printing the suit, along with possibly molding and casting the suit out of metal at a later date.


Dunwoody Homeschool Hive’s Parent and Child Projects


Parent and child projects from the Dunwoody Homeschool Hive including a leaf blower powered hover craft, a child-sized stand-up paddle board, and a desktop catapult. The Hive’s First Lego League Team (Molecule Mashers) will talk about this years FLL challenge and show off the NXT robot and competition table from the FLL Robot Game.

Dunwoody Homeschool Hive’s Parent and Child Projects