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EPICS — Engineering Projects In Community Service

EPICS - Engineering Projects In Community Service

EPICS = Engineering Projects in Community Service

EPICS is a national program developed at Purdue University that helps high school students who are studying engineering (and Making) to get out in their communities to find and solve real life problems that will help real people. Students get to put their Making skills to use to better their communities while learning team and leadership skills.

Although EPICS has traditionally worked within the schools, we are excited to connect with the Maker community because many Maker Communities work with kids so the EPICS program makes a perfect resource for those Maker Communities that want to help kids see how they can make a difference in their communities using their Maker skills.

This exhibit will include a fun hands-on experience. Participants will get to play video games using DIY Assistive Technology solutions developed by high school students for elementary students with disabilities.

An example of an EPICS inspired project I led is here.

Omnia Creator

Omnia Creator

Omnia Creator is a cross platform, free, and open source C/C++ IDE for Makers that brings powerful code editing and data visualization capabilities to your fingertips. Using Omnia Creator you can display sensor data from your microcontroller like never before! With Omnia Creator you can create multichannel graphs that show sensor data in real time from your microcontroller. Need to create a user interface for your project? With Omnia Creator you can accomplish this in only a few lines of code on your microcontroller. Omnia Creator also provides professional code editing features like rapid code navigation, syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages, C/C++ code completion, code re-factoring, and more. Get ready to make the future with Omnia Creator!