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Chemical Reactions with The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Just as little changes on a molecular level can drastically impact the properties of the bulk material, new ideas in children can drastically change the adult they grow into. As leaders in early childhood education, children’s museums, including Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, engage infants, toddlers, and children through play to think critically and creatively. Young children learn through play and neuroscience confirms that play significantly effects the development of a young child’s brain. At this station, kids will have a chance to perform a simple chemical reaction which turns ordinary school glue and laundry booster into a delightfully fun substance we call glop!


FIRST Robotics Team 4080

http://frcteam4080.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/FRCicon_RGB1.jpgFRC team Reboot is a high school robotics team made up of home schooled students. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). In FRC the challenge changes every year and each team only has six weeks to build and program their robots. Our official team number is 4080.



https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000404586355/161886da2e7b5a7ef9abff0c5d31a3c4.pngBlokify is a free 3d modeling iOS application that allows everyone, including children, to easily build anything their imaginations can conjure. We use a block-based building system and tool free UI to make building process quick and easy. The transition from virtual to physical is then handled by one-click wireless 3d printing; users can go from a thought to physical product within a few a hours.


Decatur Makers

http://decaturmakers.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/decatur-makers-wordpress-header5.pngDecatur Makers brings two cool projects to AMMF13.

Flexagons: We will have materials where participants can make origami flexagons from paper, and also 3 dimensional flexagons from wire and straws.

Non-Newtonian Hopscotch:  a new twist on an old game. Hop and jump across a Hopscotch board filled with non-newtonian fluid. It you stand still you’ll sink, but if you keep jumping, then the shear-thickening properties will keep you on the surface of the liquid.


Beltline Bike Shop

Beltline Bike Shop takes in donated bikes and then invites kids in downtown Atlanta to earn a bike of their own through community service. The shop serves as an open work space where kids learn how to repair and rebuild bikes, learning hard work and responsibility as they take care of their own bikes and also fixing bikes other kids in their neighborhood can earn.
The Beltline Bike Shop is a non-profit, community supported organization dedicated to building community in diverse neighborhoods and inspiring kids to become confident, hard-working members of our city. We’ll be demonstrating bike repairs and sharing about our work with kids in Atlanta.

Beltline Bike Shop

Dunwoody Homeschool Hive

20D-img_27404.bib5Handmade goods from the kids of the Dunwoody Homeschool Hive including:

- goat’s milk soap laundry detergent
- dinosaur and robot shaped soap
- dinosaur and robot shaped crayons

Dunwoody Homeschool Hive

Team Firebirds

Team FirebirdsTeam Firebirds 1284 is a group of 10 outstanding homeschool kids in the west Georgia area. This team was selected from the members of the Phoenix Homeschool Robotics Club. The club was formed in early 2012 to provide a safe and fun environment for children in our community to learn how to build and program LEGO NXT Mindstorms robotics platform. We will be competing in the First Lego League 2014 Season “Nature’s Fury”. We will be bringing our competition table to show off our robot and the current game.

Team Firebirds

Paper Rockets

vulcanThe Red Mountain Makers of Birmingham have made and launched paper rockets. They take as little as 5 minutes to make and launch using compressed air to an altitude of about 200 feet depending on the pressure used. We have done these at PlayOn Con here in Birmingham and this was a very popular activity. This is simple enough for kids to make and interesting enough for adults also. I attended the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire last year and this event would be a crowd pleaser. The rockets are basically made from a piece of typing paper and tape. We want to have a booth at the faire and we would need a launch area also that is somewhat away from the crowds. We provide rockets.

The Craft Room



The Craft Room is an arts and crafts playhouse for kids and adults, located on Atlanta’s Westside. We provide the space, tools and supplies for people to “make” – projects that walk out of the Craft Room include: wooden go carts, string art, encaustic photography, origami, hand-made skateboards, sewn projects – the list goes on. :)

Join us at the Craft Room booth where we’ll be demonstrating a DIY cotton candy machine, nail art, and leather stamping.

The Craft Room

Foundations for the Future Elementary School


Foundations for the Future Elementary School Elementary students from Foundations for the Future Elementary will showcase the “inventions” they made.

Foundations for the Future Elementary School