Tickets will be available through Event Brite starting in August!


Maker Faire Atlanta 2016 will be taking place over the weekend of October 1 and 2. On Saturday, October 1, the Faire will be open from 10am to 5pm. On Sunday October 2 we will be open from 12pm to 5pm.


Maker Faire Atlanta 2016 will be taking place in Downtown Decatur this year! We are finalizing our footprint, so check back for more information.


We would love for you to choose MARTA if at all possible. We have limited parking, so everyone that takes public transportation frees up a space for someone who can\’t!

  1. Take the eastbound MARTA train to the Decatur MARTA station.
  2. Take the Swanton Way exit out of the station and do a U-turn.
  3. Walk east towards the gazebo and then south on N McDonough Street (heading towards Decatur High School) until you run into the Faire!

Where to Stay

Here are the hotels closest to the Faire, but remember that because this event is so close to a MARTA rail line, as long as you stay close to any of MARTA\’s stops, it’ll be easy to get to the Faire.


If you must drive to the Faire, you’ll find plenty of paid parking nearby.

Food, Drink, and Restrooms

Having our Faire in Downtown Decatur means that you are within easy walking distance from a huge variety of restaurants and shops. Find a list of the food choices in the Decatur area here – we highly recommend you support these local spots.  We will have porta-potties convenient to exhibition areas.

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