Tickets are free and are available now! Please consider helping to ensure a 2016 Maker Faire Atlanta by getting a donation ticket! You choose the value, but values over $10 will also receive a Maker Faire Atl T-Shirt!


Maker Faire Atlanta 2015 will be taking place over the weekend of October 3 and 4. On Saturday, October 3, the Faire will be open from 10am to 5pm. On Sunday October 4, we will be open from 12pm to 5pm.


Maker Faire Atlanta 2015 will be taking place in Downtown Decatur this year! We are finalizing our footprint, so check back for more information.


We would love for you to choose MARTA if at all possible. We have limited parking, so everyone that takes public transportation frees up a space for someone who can\’t!

  1. Take the eastbound MARTA train to the Decatur MARTA station.
  2. Take the Swanton Way exit out of the station and do a U-turn.
  3. Walk east towards the gazebo and then south on N McDonough Street (heading towards Decatur High School) until you run into the Faire!


Where to Stay

We made the decision to avoid getting group rates at hotels around town because they lock you into a contract that requires you to fill a certain amount of the rooms in your block, and we just don\’t have enough data to back up how many rooms we might need. Here are the hotels closest to the Faire, and some sample rates, but remember that because this event is so close to a MARTA rail line, as long as you stay close to any of MARTA\’s stops, it\’ll be easy to get to the Faire. Courtyard Decatur, 130 Clairemont Ave, Decatur GA, 404-371-0204, 0.2 miles from venue, $169/night Super 8 Decatur, 917 Church St, Decatur, GA, 404-378-3765, 0.6 miles from venue, $68/night Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 2183 North Decatur Rd, 404-320-0888, 2.0 miles from venue, $145/night University Inn at Emory, 1767 North Decatur Rd, Atlanta, GA, 1-800-654-8591, 2.4 miles from venue, $115/night


Thanks to our new Decatur location, parking will be easier than ever before!  For those of you driving to the Faire, we\’ve taken the City of Decatur Parking Map and customized it to our event. Please use it to find available parking: Parking Map.

Food, Drink, and Restrooms

Having our Faire in Downtown Decatur means that you are within easy walking distance from a huge variety of restaurants and shops. Find a list of the food choices in the Decatur area here – we highly recommend you support these local spots.  As for restrooms: this year, we will have porta-potties convenient to both exhibition areas.

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56 Responses to ATTEND

  1. i really want tickets for three!!! am i too early??!!

  2. Not at all! Once we get the EventBrite system up, you’ll be able to get as many tickets as you’d like! Check back about a month before the Faire – I hope to have that all up by then.

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  4. What is the time of the event. We have plans until mid afternoon, but wanted to try to come by.

  5. Are dslr cameras allowed?

  6. Can I bring my dog? Does it help that he is named Tesla?

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  10. Whoop Whoop! Can’t wait for this awesome event to be in Decatur this year!

    Great Makers within walking distance of great restaurants and bars. Perfect.

  11. Is there a recommended or sponsoring hotel or one that is specifically giving discounts for that weekend? I am coming from out of town.

    • Hey Jim – we’re still working on securing those kinds of deals. Check back in…about a week and see if more details are available.

  12. Carmen Gianforte

    I am interested in 3D printing. Can you tell me if there are any 3D printer or 3D scanner organizations or companies that will be represented at the Atlanta maker Faire?



    • Hey Carmen – there will most certainly be plenty of 3D Printers to be found at the Faire. We don’t have any companies signed on at the moment, but we will have plenty of Makers that use 3D Printers in the course of their making. 3D Scanners will likely be less represented, but you should be able to find a few of them at the Faire as well. Our list of accepted Makers ( grows every week – keep an eye on it, and you should be able to identify who uses the equipment you’re interested in.

    • Carmen at least one manufacturer will be there and there are usually at least half a dozen or more being demonstrated at the faire. Hy-Rel is the local Atlanta area manufacturer and they are signed up already to be at the faire.


    • Carmen,

      We are a last minute entry to the Maker Faire and we are local dealer a for a few different 3D Printer manufacturers. Be sure to stop by M20!


  13. Hello!

    I’m the community outreach coordinator for Habitat for Humanity-DeKalb. This seems like a great opportunity/event for us to have a booth. Would you agree (i’m asking honestly because i wouldn’t want to overstep!). Let me know, thank you!

  14. Please send me an invite for tickets. Thanks so much!

  15. Kimberly Winston

    Where do I go to get tickets for three?

  16. Excited for October!

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  18. My husband & I plan on attending. Can’t wait!!

  19. Raúl Cardona Pendrey

    Looking forward to this. I have two girls that will love this faire.

  20. Hello,
    Is the ticket site available? We would like to reserve our tickets. Thank you.

  21. I can’t wait!!!

  22. Iam driving a bus do you have parking for buses and can can you give me a street address for it.

  23. I was wondering if the Oct 4th date is now closed?

    i dont see any tickets via the event brite page. im looking for 8 tickets?

    • Hey Andrew – I think you’re confusing the “END” date that you see for the date for which you are reserving your ticket. That date is just the day the tickets are no longer available. The tickets themselves are not day-specific, so just grab your 8 and show up on the 4th and/or 5th and you’ll be set!

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  26. I see that someone has already posted about driving a bus–I’m bringing a group of high school students and we’ll also be in a bus. Could I get those details, too? Thanks.

  27. What is the date for 2015?

  28. How do I apply to this show? I can’t seem to find an application on the website. Maybe I’m just over looking it? Can someone email me a link?

    • Hey Joslyn – we haven’t opened up our Call for Makers quite yet. Check back in about a week or two, and we should have it up!

  29. I want 2 Tickets 😀

  30. Is the Courtyard Decatur really already booked up for the weekend? I thought I’d ask here since maybe there might be a group code or something to use on the website.

    • Hey Jim – I think it is. I checked it a few months ago and it only had a few rooms available then. Your next best bet might be a hotel close to a MARTA stop since the Decatur MARTA stop is even closer than the Courtyard Decatur.

  31. How Big Is It?

    • Hey James – we’re estimating 300 makers and 50,000 attendees this year. (which is bonkers just to think about!)

  32. My 6 year old daughter is dying to come. Would this be good for someone so young. She wants to build “automail” for animals after she becomes a vet and marine biologist.

    • Hey Melinda – we have an entire area dedicated to elementary aged children, so it’d be great to bring your daughter!

  33. James Floyd Kelly

    Just want to confirm a few things if you can — will the cost to attendees still be free? If not, will there be discounts for families? Thanks.

  34. Carmen Gianforte

    David – I am going to use my GPS to drive to the Maker Faire. Do you have an address that I can use? Thanks,

    • Hey Carmen – you can use 198 W. Trinity Place, Decatur, GA. That’s the address for the parking deck that is directly adjacent to the Faire.

  35. Is there going to be Power Wheels Racing?
    Where do we sign up?

  36. I want to participate in the Culture Exchange, it was a brilliant idea! let me know how this year.

    • Hey Gauri – we’re unfortunately not hosting one this year. The individual that organized it last year is unable to do so this year – sorry!

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