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2012 AMMF Speakers and Presenters

We’ve got it! We’ve got the schedule of speakers! And what a great variety they are! Here we go, in very particular order, the 2012 Atlanta Mini Maker Faire Speakers:

Chad Ramey :: Making Nuclear Reactors at 17
Chad, from Newnan, GA, will be talking about his experiences designing and building his own inertial electrostatic confinement fusion reactor before he even graduated high school.

David Greelish :: History of Computing and Retro Computing Kits
David Greelish, Founder of the Atlanta Historical Computing Society, will give a presentation on the history of computers, and especially show how the modern Make movement parallels the early “homebrew” computing hobbyists. Plus, a look at retrocomputing electronic kits and accessories.

Chris Carter :: The DIY Education Revolution
Join Chris, founder of MASS Collective, as he chronicles the recent history of the DIY Education Revolution and learn how communities are creating opportunities to further your skills and knowledge without having to go through traditional means.

Relapse Theater Presents: Relapse University
 Join the professors and students from Relapse University as they put on a show of the most do-it-yourself kind of comedy there is – improv!

Shane Matthews and Charles Hagadorn, III ::
Patents vs. Open Source

Ever wanted to know how a product goes from concept to market? Then you are in luck! Come listen to Shane Matthews, prototype engineer and founder of My Inventor Club, talk about some of the successful product launches he has been involved in. Shane will be joined by patent attorney Charlie Hagadorn, III to fill in some areas of patents and the new laws governing and protecting intellectual property. They will also talk briefly about open source and how new trends are taking advantage of these open outlets.

Timmy O’Brien :: Young Making and Making in the Movies
Timmy, of Whatever Unique, will spend the Faire’s last hour talking about why you should let your kids play with tools and other “dangerous” things, mixing his own experience of how hacking and making at a young age has lead to a career in the television and film industry building props, scenery and special effects.

All speakers will be in the auditorium on the lower level of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons building, directly east of the Faire on the map available under the “ATTEND” tab at the top.

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