NEWS » How Many Different Workshops? NINE! Count ’em!

How Many Different Workshops? NINE! Count ’em!

And how many total sessions? TWENTY! Oh my goodness you’re gonna make SO MANY THINGS!!!

Here’s our workshop list- if you head to the PARTICIPATE page, you’ll find the rest of the specifics (starting times, durations, etc) as well as links to sign up for these workshops.

Workshop Tent #1
Squishy Circuits
Explore circuitry basics with homemade dough, LEDs, switches, and batteries. Visitors will get to make their own squishy circuits and will get a kit so that they can continue making more electronic experiments at home.

Telegraph Workshop
Learn how you can make a simple electrical circuit and an electromagnet, put them together, and make your own telegraph. Visitors will get to play with telegraph sets and will see how easy they are to make. There will be a game where visitors can win prizes by interpreting Morse code messages.

Workshop Tent #2
SMT (Surface Mount Technoloy) Soldering 101
Sign up to learn some basic techniques for soldering surface mount chips with regular irons. Topics will include the use of flux, how to fix bridges, flooding and wicking, and more. You’ll practice these skills on a small PCB with 1 SOIC and 4 1206 capacitors (the biggest and easiest SMT parts).

Make A Robot
Sign up to be a part of Tim Manasterski’s Line Follower workshop, explained here. It will cost $85, payable the day of the Faire, but you get to walk away with an assembled, fully functioning line follower bot!

Workshop Tent #3
Art Felting
Join Jessica Campbell, a felting and recycled materials artist, to learn all about art felting.  She will be bringing along small robot making kits for all of the people who sign up so that you can create your own 4-5? softie robot doll. You’ll be given a felting pad, needle, and soft wool bodies as well as raw wool to create limbs and customizable elements to make a truly unique doll.  She will walk you through the process and show you step-by-step how to make limbs and attach them to customize the robot to your own vision.

Upcycled Mason Jars
Upcycling is an amazing way to create new things with old stuff. This workshop is a hands-on activity of upcycling old jars into collage art candle holders. We will use found paper, old photographs, metal, buttons and mirrors to create one of a kind glowing candle holder that can add art to any room in your home.

A to Zine: How to Make, Copy, and Sell Your Zine
In this workshop, facilitated by the Atlanta Zine Library, participants will learn each step of making a zine. Zines are self-produced publications with no limit on form or content. Everyone will see a selection of zines available at the library, practice basic layout and formatting, and learn how to distribute zines to a wider audience. Then we will all create a page to be featured in an Atlanta Mini Maker Faire Zine!

The Engineer Guy: Casting and Moldmaking
More a demo than a workshop, the Mold Making and Casting panel, taught by The Engineer Guy’s knowledgable staff, will give you a great overview of the mold making process. We will demonstrate in class how to make a one-part mold and talk about how to make other kinds of molds as well. We will also make several castings and talk about various casting mediums. Have a question about your specific project or application? No problem! We’ve heard (almost) everything, and will be happy to help.

Other Areas
Learn To Solder Robot
This is one of the most exciting activities I’ve ever heard of. First, you sit down with a soldering iron, and you learn how to solder some basic thru-hole components. When you’re done, you will have completed a circuit that blinks a couple LEDs about once a second (these will be your robot eyes). Then make your way down the line to a couple large vacuum former machines. Here, you can either choose some pre-formed parts (legs, arms, body, etc) or watch a trained professional use the vacuum former to make body parts out of sheets of plastic. Then you get to cut your body parts out and assemble it all together. At the end of the line, we’ll have a space for you to sit down with some art and craft supplies to further decorate your bot. And when you’re done, you’ll get to walk away with your very own personalized robot! More information here.

My Inventor Club – Intro to Blacksmithing
Ever thought about making some cool metal object the old school way? Then sign up for our Intro to Blacksmithing. The workshop will demonstrate heating, hammering techniques and the fundamentals of Blacksmithing. This hands-on workshop will leave you with a small keepsake to show off your new skills.

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