A stellar Maker Faire is run by great volunteers. And all of the work starts about five months out from the Faire, so whether you’re looking to help with logistics, spreading the word, or recruiting makers, we’d love to have you! (To be clear: this is to volunteer to help produce the Faire in the months running up to it. Volunteers to help run the Faire will be solicited later in the year.)

If you want to volunteer, we ask that you sign up on the form below. ¬†As long as you do that, you’ll stay in the loop!

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  2. Please let me know what the volunteer activities are. Brian

    • Hey Brian – the volunteer form above lists most of the activities that you could volunteer for prior to the Faire.

  3. Is there a minimum age for volunteers? My daughter may be interested.

  4. I just applied, but forgot to mention that I could potentially work more hours than the 1-2 I listed. Is there a way to alter the form?

    • No worries Ben – I’ll go in there and edit it manually.

      • Thanks. If it were this week or next I could work substantially more hours. Beyond that I can’t absolutely commit, though. It’s the nature of my current occupation.

  5. I am also trying to help a friend generate buzz in London for a similar show or figure a way for him to benefit from participating in this show..I have been excited about it but because of commitments have missed it every year- I do event rentals and fall is a very busy time

  6. I send my Pre-Event Volunteer Form 3 weeks ago. But did not hear anything from you. Can you please let me know if you may have enough people at this point. Just try to make my schedule for the next month. I am still interest in doing volunteer work.


  7. Looking forward to a great Maker Faire!

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