2014 Makers

Here is the esteemed group of makers we are privileged enough to exhibit for Maker Faire Atlanta 2014. We upload a new group of makers every Tuesday, so check back every week to find out who’s new. (Or, you could just join our email list and get those updates in your inbox every week!)

  • 501st Legion

      The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing … Continue reading

  • 5th Kingdom Mushroom Farm

    5th Kingdom is an Atlanta based mushroom farm and research center. We grow more than 1000 pounds of gourmet edible and medicinal mushrooms each month in our urban warehouse facility. We teach mushroom cultivation, lead wild edible mushroom foraging outings … Continue reading

  • ABC’s of Electricity: Squishy Circuits for Young Makers

    Squishy Circuits: Combining the creativity of playdough with the excitement of electric lights, buzzers, and motors.   Young makers are welcome to come and play with Squishy Circuits while adults talk Maker and education. Tweet

  • Arduino Kid Makers

    Several kids (middle and high school) that have worked on Arduino projects over the summer will display their creations. Tweet

  • Atlanta Area Geocache Makers

    Atlanta Area Geocachers are people who play the GPS based treasure hunt game geocaching. A subset of us make creative geocache containers and would like to put them on display. We’ll have a geocaching information booth as well as several … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Friends of the Alphabet Calligraphy Guild

    We are lovers of letters. Some of us are professional calligraphers, many are hobbiests. We are artists, printers, bookbinders, graphic designers, students and observers. Our purpose is to promote the interchange of ideas, techniques and design of letters. We meet … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Historical Computing Society

    Take a trip down memory lane and see some of the computers that started the personal computing revolution. You can play our SPS (Steam Punked Simon) memory game, or even build your very own to take home. Try to beat … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Hobby Robot Club

    The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club (A.H.R.C.) is an organization of hobbyists that sprang out of the Atlanta Computer Society in 1981. Our club’s purpose is to support Georgians who build robots by bringing them together in a format where they … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Music Education

      Our booth provides a hands on experience at our popular “Musical Petting Zoo,” kids of all ages can try out instruments they may never have played before and even make a paper shaking tambourine to take home with them. … Continue reading

  • Atlanta Taiko Project

    As per last year, we’d like to attend the fair to perform and also do several Taiko drumming demonstrations with audience participation. www.atlantataikoproject.com Tweet

  • Be Craft Happy

    Maker of handcrafted everyday accessories for the young and young at heart. I handcraft each item from fun fabric finds, sometimes using upcycled materials as well. I currently make embroidered wall art, tote bags, scarves, fabric wristlet keychains, clip on … Continue reading

  • BelleAtlanta

    Home accessories and barware created by repurposing items from your everyday life. Observe and participate in the production of BelleAtlanta’s ceramic coasters.  21 and older guests will have the opportunity to DIY a set of wine charms. www.belleatlanta.com Tweet

  • Berry College Creative Technologies

    A variety of projects made by students and instructors of Berry College’s Creative technologies major. hackberrylab.com Tweet

  • Big Mask Project

    Help me make a big carry-sculpture from a cardboard box so that you will know how to make one for yourself. These are good for parades, lantern parades, and other events where you want to dress up, like parties or … Continue reading

  • Blacksmithing Demonstration

    Industrious Designs is a one person shop that makes all sort of things with metal. Blacksmithing is one of the techniques I use for making cool stuff . I will be forging items with hammer and anvil throughout the day. … Continue reading

  • Bohemian Guitars

    Bohemian Guitars make innovative and funky six string electric guitars using unconventional materials like oil cans and lunchboxes. Our guitars can be customized to your liking and they produce a rich clean tone. www.bohemianguitars.com Tweet

  • Botmite 1.1 UAV

    botmite 1.1 is an experimental flying 8 foot wing span airplane incorporating a new wing with double the lift of the original platform.  New technology, exploring different methods of making, designing, and building a working platform.  Many disciplines are involved; … Continue reading

  • Chinese Calligraphy

    We will write your name in Chinese calligraphy! About Atlanta Association of Chinese Calligraphy(AACC) AACC was formed in July 2012. President is Yaohua Luo, vice president is Yiling He. In the past two years, we have been promoting Chinese calligraphy … Continue reading

  • Clue Town Books

    I design ready-to-solve scavenger hunts in walkable areas of Atlanta. Hunters use information found on landmarks (e.g. statues) to solve puzzles. The solutions to those puzzles reveal directions how to get to the next checkpoint. Attendees of the Maker Faire … Continue reading

  • Cog in the Machine

    Cog in the Machine is an exploratory sidewalk piece about the role of humanity. The world is an amazing place and is ever-changing. We go about our lives not thinking about our affects on others and how the use of … Continue reading

  • Connie’s Creative Expressions

    I will have a gelli (gelatin mold\printing plate) plate available and assist visitors in how to make mono-prints.  I plan to let the persons assist in making and pulling print, and then letting them take it with them. Tweet

  • Copper Dancer Designs

    Handcrafted jewelry demonstrations including metalworking, chainmaille, assemblage, et. al., plus jewelry for sale. copperdancerdesigns.com Tweet

  • Craft Box Girls

    {Craft Box Girls} Create.Shop.Share. Discover creative DIY projects and recipes, shop handcrafted goods and party boxes and share your own creative projects. www.craftboxgirls.com Tweet

  • D&D Xprss

    Daddy & Daughter Xprssions! 3D printed and hand made jewelry, trinkets, & craftz Rubber band loom jewelry, 3D printed looms and charms. A few screen printed t-shirts as well. 3D reprap will be on hand for live demos and ongoing … Continue reading

  • Delta Star

    A homemade delta robot 3d Printer with a Bill of Materials for non-printed parts under $250. This delta printer is based around OpenBeam aluminum extrusions and fishing line driven arms. http://spellicer.blogspot.com/2014/05/delta-star-3d-printer.html Tweet

  • Dunwoody Homeschool Hive

    Handmade goods created by the kids of the Dunwoody Homeschool Hive – Sugar body scrubs – Dog biscuits – Homemade laundry detergent and dryer balls – Wool dolls/fairies, felted soaps, knitted animals, knitted finger puppets and rainbow loom dragons – … Continue reading

  • Dunwoody Homeschool Hive – Parent and Child Projects

    - Origami workshop – A DIY personal weather station built from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, household items, and parts from Home Depot that is able to update weather conditions at Weather Underground – A doghouse – Kids from the Dunwoody Homeschool … Continue reading

  • Earl’s Marquetry

    The art and craft of wood veneer inlay to create geometric shapes or pictures. I will have examples showing the steps of the marquetry process; from using veneers to cut and create shapes, to placing and fitting pieces, to finishing … Continue reading

  • Easy Reach Planters

    Easy Reach Planters is a home grown small business created with the intent to make gardening easy and convenient for everyone, particularly people who have limited mobility due to disability or age, or limited space in which to have a … Continue reading

  • erinandmarie

    I create drawings and paintings with thread on embroidery hoops. Using different stitching techniques, fabrics, and paints to create texture and a sense of depth.I love all art, design, and art history. My shop is a place where I can … Continue reading

  • Fabricate Studios

    Modern sewing and craft lessons for adults and kids.  Maker Faire button making craft. www.fabricateatlanta.com Tweet

  • Fernbank LINKS Robotics

    We would like to bring our BEST and FIRST robots to display and share with the audience. Last year the team members showed guests how to operate the robot. www.fernbanklinks.com Tweet

  • Forge Your Own Copper Bracelet

    This year I plan on having a booth where I teach people how to forge copper bracelets out of copper grounding wire. My assistant and I will be showing people how the face of a hammer determines the direction metal … Continue reading

  • FRC Toaster Tech

    First robotics team 5332, Toaster Tech, will demonstrate their robot. Tweet

  • Georgia Tech Invention Studio

    This is a display of all of the different projects that user’s of our studio have built. They are all students from Georgia Tech. The project vary from water jetted metal gears to fine handcrafted wooden bowls to Arduino and … Continue reading

  • Golda Kombucha

    The Golda Kombucha recipe comes from a living legend. Just like the kombucha culture, which has been kept alive and sacred for more than 2,000 years, the Golda recipe is a folkway passed down through a generation from grandmother to … Continue reading

  • GT IEEE Innovation Team

    The purpose of the Innovation Team is to provide students who have little to no practical project experience the opportunity to build hardware, software, and robotics project from the ground up. The team is made up of students of all … Continue reading

  • Ham Radio – One of the Original Makers

    Displays and interactive activities for youth and adults alike.  We’ll allow folks to send some Morse Code, show some electricity tricks, demonstrate amateur radio and setup for communications with the ISS and satellites.  We’ll have a place for prospective electrical … Continue reading

  • Hands-on Metal Etching

    Through the use of common household chemicals and a simple resist process, a person can etch metals of varying types! In this exhibit, you will be able to create your own etched metal locket or keychain. How does it work? … Continue reading

  • HERObike

    Bamboo bikes – fun to ride and easy to make! herobike.org Tweet

  • HiglyPigly Creations

    Extreme doll reconditioning.  Awful, old, overly cute dolls rendered into re-imagined steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, techno, or chewy-granola figures. www.higlypigly.weebly.com   Tweet

  • Humanoid Robots

    As a part of last year’s Maker Faire, Humanoid Robots would love to showcase their new projects for 2014. This year we will have two small bipedal humanoid robots. We will also bring the Solidoodle 4 to print parts used in the robots throughout … Continue reading

  • Hyrel 3D

    We make and sell professional, industrial-grade, out-of-the-box ready, highly reliable, high-value 3D printers here in Georgia. http://hyrel3d.com Tweet

  • Jert Creative

    I am a Painter and Illustrator based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I will be working on a large piece of art live at the Maker Faire and I will be available for questions about my process. I’ll also be selling … Continue reading

  • Jessica Campbell Handmade

    I am an artist and I specialize in making art pieces that people can love and enjoy everyday! I got my start making custom recycled art dog and cat sculptures for clients like Animal Planet’s star Victoria Stilwell. I now … Continue reading

  • Kids Go Wild

    Kids Go Wild is an out door week long day camp that offers hands on Art, Science & Storytelling to campers of all ages. Centers are set up for the week and offer each camper the freedom to experiment in … Continue reading

  • Klapthor’s Universal Robots

    Traditional wheel thrown pottery is transformed into futuristic robot sculptures.  Sculptures will be for sale and an on site demonstration will take place throughout the day of pottery being altered and assembled into a large scale robot sculpture. www.mklapthor.com/ Tweet

  • LibraryBox

    LibraryBox is an open source, portable digital file distribution tool based on inexpensive hardware that enables delivery of educational, healthcare, and other vital information to individuals off the grid. LibraryBox, as an open source project, is available for anyone to … Continue reading

  • Lock Pick Village

      To a locksport enthusiast, a lock is seen as a complex, mechanical puzzle. While we are primarily focused on giving this training to security professionals, we extend hands-on learning to makers and hobbyists as well. Many makers find the … Continue reading

  • Mad Housers

    The Mad Housers build huts for the homeless. Our goal is to provide shelter for homeless individuals which are not being otherwise served. We help people develop skills required for constructing and rehabilitating housing and shelter. This weekend we will … Continue reading

  • Maker Joe

    The inner workings of obsolete and discarded machinery and electronics (and just about anything else) transformed into fine art. www.makerjoe.com Tweet

  • MAMA Art Collective

    The Atlanta-based MAMA Art Collective was founded in 2013 by a few creative, community seeking women with young kids. MAMA is a place to create, explore DIY design and craft, and kickstart creative businesses. We currently have a workroom and … Continue reading

  • Musical Tesla Coil

    A oneTesla musical Tesla coil set up with a MIDI keyboard so that attendees can play music on the keyboard using the Tesla coil as the “speaker”. The Tesla coil can also play MIDI encoded songs directly under computer control. … Continue reading

  • Nerdy Derby

    Calling all would be racers.  Build cars from all sorts of interesting material and try your hand at racing on our track.  Can you be the fastest or maybe even the slowest?  We will also be looking for entries made … Continue reading

  • Noosh Studios

      I make hand cut wood blocks and print those directly onto tshirts on site creating a unique interactive experience. Nooshstudios.com Tweet

  • OPEN Technology

    We provide Open Source & Open Hardware electronics at all stages of making for a diverse audience. The Arduino is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you want a fully assembled & tested Enigma replica (featured worldwide on … Continue reading

  • Oscar Eastwood

    Oscar Eastwood is a collective of lady makers. We strive to work with and learn from both the crafter and maker communities, and to bring together technology and tradition to create awesome projects. We are passionate about getting children interested … Continue reading

  • Outside the Box!

    Children know that a cardboard box is never just a box. It can be a car, a house, a rocket… the possibilities are endless! We at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta seek to inspire children to become creative thinkers while … Continue reading

  • Overworld Designs

    Props and costumes from video games, comics, and movies brought to life! Overworld Designs is a project by Atlanta based designer Michelle Sleeper to bring weapons and armors from popular media in to the real world. See the steps needed … Continue reading

  • Plastic Scribbler 3D Printers

    Plastic Scribbler supplies open source 3D printers for all types of makers. Finally a 3D printer for the layman, our Asterid series 3D printers are an advanced additive manufacturing device capable of high resolution 3D prints. With three resolution settings … Continue reading

  • Power Racing Series

    Start with $500 and a Power Wheel. (Or any electric kids’ ride on vehicle.) Get some new batteries. A new motor. Heck, some nice new tires. Tie LEDs to the hood. Sprinkle it with glitter. Maybe a feather for class. … Continue reading

  • Prototype Robotics

    JD Warren is a maker and tinkerer. He has been featured on the cover of MAKE magazine (issue 22) with his remote controlled Lawnbot400 and is the author of Arduino Robotics. The Segbot is a balancing, rideable segway clone built … Continue reading

  • Public Libraries

    Librarians from several neighboring counties (Fulton, DeKalb, Conyers, Gwinnett, and Cobb) to offer library cards. It would allow visitors who are inspired to learn more about what other Maker Faire Atlanta booths are working on – arts, crafts, coding, and … Continue reading

  • R2 Builders, 501st Rebel Legion

    We are a community who exchange information relating to building the robots of the Star Wars films, most notably R2-D2. Tweet

  • Raspberry Pi Photobooth

    Interactive Photobooth built with RaspberryPi and PiCamera. Coded entirely in Python. Tweet

  • RoboJackets, Georgia Institute of Technology

    The RoboJackets is a creative robotic club at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It annually competes in five different competitions, Battlebots, FIRST, IGVC, RoboCup and IARRC. Each one has different goals, tasks, size limits, and playing field. We do it … Continue reading

  • Smoky Mt. Scientific

    We design and build open source electronic instrumentation for environmental monitoring and science education. Tweet

  • Society of Physics Students GSU

    This 3D printer was constructed using the Prusa Mendel I2 layout, available online at RepRap.org. The printer can extrude PLA filament as well as ABS (with heat bed). This is Georgia State’s first 3D printer on campus, built by the … Continue reading

  • SPSU EVT Electric Motorcycle and Go-Kart

    The Southern Polytechnic State University Electric Vehicle Team is a competition team focused on the design and implementation of electric vehicle technology. We support alternative energy transportation and clean energy. There are two branches of the SPSU EVT: the Electric … Continue reading

  • Steampunk Guns

    Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Co. Steampunk Guns. http://venusianairshippiratetrading.com Tweet

  • Steampunk Robotics

    We are a homeschool technology club, based in Atlanta, GA.  Our exhibit will include demonstrations of FLL, FTC, and SeaPerch Robotics.  We will also be showcasing Stemville, a computer game created by one of our members and featured at the … Continue reading

  • SteamSaucer

    This Alternative History creation explores what if a group of Victorian Scientists had learned to create what we know today as flying saucers using as yet undiscovered methods. SteamSaucer is that simulated recreation. A plasma armature powered Tesla amplifier modifies … Continue reading

  • The Circuit Benders

    We are a group of circuit benders from Nashville, Bowling Green, and other areas. Circuit bending is the creative recycling of old toys into sophisticated musical and visual instruments. Come play with the toys! We host the biennial festival Circuit … Continue reading

  • The Georgia Tech Space Program

    Georgia Tech has reached high heights in recent years with some pretty awesome rocketry projects.  Check out the makings of Georgia Tech’s very own space program, watch a rocket launch, and build your very own rocket using household materials.  It … Continue reading

  • The Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project

    At Georgia Tech, we make a lot of the devices we use to study bees!  You will get to see the solar wax melter, observation hive and digital hive sensors we built in our invention studio.  And you can make … Continue reading

  • The Hatch

    The Hatch is a collection of developers, designers, artists, and makers who strive to educate, collaborate, and innovate with technology and art. We are building Athens’ first Makerspace, educating the community on the importance of the tech and arts industries … Continue reading

  • The Norse Shop

    Visit the 10th Century in Iceland.  See hand made knives, wood working tools, chests, leather tools, and farm implements made to Viking specifications.  How did the Norse live and work?  Experience it first hand. I will have pieces of leather … Continue reading

  • The Secret Society of Paper Cuts

    Join a secret society and learn more about making pop up cards, paper puppets and mechanical paper toys from Crankbunny, animator & paper artist Norma V. Toraya! Make sure to ask Crankbunny how she evolved from using simple tools (such … Continue reading

  • theClubhou.se

    Based in Augusta, Georgia we are a hacker/maker space for those technology enthusiasts who are true geeks!  We offer co-working space, STEM Education Classes, Start-Up Mentoring and and Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program.  We also have awesome monthly First Friday Hackathons!  We produce … Continue reading

  • Vintage Book Crafts

    In the age of the ebook there are millions of unwanted old books heading to the landfills and recycle bins of the developed world. Underground Books is a used & antiquarian bookstore (a real brick & mortar bookshop) in Carrollton, … Continue reading

  • Warren Illustration & Deadpan Days

    Eric Warren is a professional illustrator who sells prints of his digital work, as well as traditional, mixed media illustrative paintings on canvas and wood. See Eric’s work at https://ericwarren.prosite.com Michele Moros creates hand painted, small scale wooden dolls of … Continue reading

  • WonderRoot Creative Reuse

    WonderRoot Creative Reuse is a project of WonderRoot based in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of our program is to promote artistic expression, environmental awareness and community through the collection and redistribution of salvaged materials for creative reuse. wrcratl.wordpress.com, wonderroot.org Tweet

  • Wooden Machines

    CNC routed wood bike. Collin and Myles will bring their homemade CNC router and various items they have made using it. They will demonstrate the CNC router. woodyoushouldyou.wordpress.com Tweet

  • Yonder Years

    We are Lisa & Daniel…otherwise known as Yonder Years. Our story is not only about our love of old-weathered worn and reclaimed pallet wood but also about finding each other at the perfect time in our lives — a love … Continue reading