NEWS » 2012 AMMF Location:Tech Lawn

2012 AMMF Location:Tech Lawn

Check it out – Georgia Tech’s Tech Lawn in all its green glory:

Now take a second and imagine the sidewalks lined on both sides by makers – R2 droids, wearable planters, book binding, live art installations, SMT soldering workshops, printmaking experiences, autonomous aircraft, blacksmithing demos, handmade jewelry, children artists, interactive art projects, mini welding workshops, make-your-own-soap demos, clean cookstoves, free art making stations, make your own animation setups, conductive electrical interfaces, art activists, mold making demos, Rube Goldberg machines, and budget screenprinting.

Then fill those sidewalks with people thirsty for interaction. Well over half our booths have some opportunity for participation, so whether you want to learn how to screenprint with pantyhose, a credit card, and cheap paint or you want to laser cut your own custom size project box from a sheet of wood, we’ve got you covered. We honestly do have something for just about everyone.

Unless you’re a hermit. And if you ARE a hermit, you may be in luck because there’s talk of someone bringing a geodesic dome for you to hide in. So if you know a hermit, please be sure to invite him/her.

See you on October 6th from 10am-5pm at 349 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta GA 30313!

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