NEWS ยป OpenROV: The Open-Source Underwater Robot


OpenROV: The Open-Source Underwater Robot

OpenROVOpenROV is an open-source underwater robotics community founded by Eric Stackpole and David Lang in Berkeley, CA. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, OpenROV aims to democratize technology-driven exploration, allowing people of any age, background, or skill level to build their own robot capable of underwater exploration, experimentation, and adventure.

The robot itself is comprised primarily of an acrylic shell and clear acrylic tube, which contains the forward-facing HD USB webcam, as well as the LED lights, Linux Beaglebone hardware, and a tether cord to enable video feed and control capabilities via your computer. For underwater propulsion, the OpenROV is equipped with 3 brush-less motors for vertical and horizontal movement.

With an online community of co-developers from over 50 countries, OpenROV truly embraces the maker movement by encouraging hands-on education and exploration in any environment, whether it be the ocean or your own bathtub!