Author Archives: AMMF Volunteer is about learning how to make things with Arduino.. especially interesting high-tech inventions like Robots, Automation Systems, Weather Stations.,etc. YourDuino is a partnership between Terry King, Jun Peng and Mary Alice Osborne. Terry is an old Engineer from Vermont and Jun Peng is a young man from China who is contributing his energy and his knowledge of the Chinese markets to bring you interesting, high-quality products at low cost. Mary Alice is a school librarian who has designed and run libraries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and now coordinates educational materials and marketing for We also run a free educational wiki for learning how to use Arduino at:

Linoleum Block Prints by Suzi Linden,550x550,075,f.jpg
Hand cut and pulled linoleum block prints. I love to explore the relationship of positive and negative space. I use Akua Intaglio soy based ink.

If you would like I can bring a small press and create prints on site.

Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking

Make your own sheet of paper out of cotton fibers.

Linden Longboards

I make up cycled Longboard Skateboards from Vintage Trick Waterskis.

Swap o rama rama presented by the Indie Craft Experience are invited to Swap-O-Rama-Rama, presented by the Indie craft Experience. A giant clothing swap and series of do-it-yourself workshops in which a community explores reuse and creativity through the recycling of used clothing.

How does it work?
* Clean out your closet and bring your donation to the swap.
* A $5 donation gets you a bag to fill with goods and access to all of the DIY stations.

DIY stations will be presented by local makers and Wonder root creative reuse.

Water Balloon Launching Trebuchet

This is a human powered (kid powered) water balloon launching trebuchet. Launches soft ball size water balloons 75 yards. Made from off the shelf materials.

Roundabout is my outlet for creative re-use and re-purposing of mostly vintage materials like books and wallpaper. It all started as a small idea to turn old books into sketchbooks for my friends, and over time I’ve cemented my process of re-binding, and added finishing touches like vintage wallpaper liner pages and a library-style info card, to create hundreds of keepsake journal/sketchbooks that are truly unique.
I also block print alphabet letters on the removed book pages to create festive banners for home and celebrations. The book pages and wallpaper also add vintage charm to the my origami star ornaments, and original hand-cut silhouettes.

Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle is a volunteer-run organization that picks fruit from all over the Atlanta area and donates it to local homeless shelters and food banks. To date we have donated over 15,000 lbs of fruit and vegetables from neglected trees and land around the city.

We try to build as many tools as possible to aid in fruit picking and simply to make it more fun. Our exhibit features two of such tools: our bike blender that we use to make refreshing beverages during work days at our farm, and our pedal powered apple grinder, used to make apple cider at our end-of-season Ciderfest.

Interested? Come help us build drones, fruit-tree sensors, tree-shaking machines, giant stilts, inflatable tarps and more! Even if you’re not a maker yourself, we always need help throughout the season with picking, farming, outreach and logistics.

Chemical Reactions with The Children’s Museum of Atlanta
Just as little changes on a molecular level can drastically impact the properties of the bulk material, new ideas in children can drastically change the adult they grow into. As leaders in early childhood education, children’s museums, including Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, engage infants, toddlers, and children through play to think critically and creatively. Young children learn through play and neuroscience confirms that play significantly effects the development of a young child’s brain. At this station, kids will have a chance to perform a simple chemical reaction which turns ordinary school glue and laundry booster into a delightfully fun substance we call glop!

GVU Research Center Demos of projects and hardware from the GVU Center, an interdisciplinary research center at Georgia Tech.
Demos will include a wearable computer that can help you work with wild dolphins, and a vest that can help assistance does work with their owners, and more!