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Jessica Campbell Handmade


I am an artist and I specialize in making art pieces that people can love and enjoy everyday! I got my start making custom recycled art dog and cat sculptures for clients like Animal Planet’s star Victoria Stilwell. I now have extended my skills into making clothing’s accessories, dolls, plushies, and even jewelry! I am always finding new mediums to work in and experimenting with new techniques. I have been making art since I was a kid and I don’t think I will ever grow up! I love to teach classes and work with kids:) I took a little time off to heal an injured wrist and now I am back to “making” more than ever!!

I plan to sell hands on art kits during the day. I will have an area set up to dig right in with me (the artist) and get started right away…or participants can take and make at home. I will have needle felting activity kits, recycled art activity kits, and maybe a small project hand sewing kit:) I look forward to demonstrating each activity kit throughout the day at different times so people can really work with me and ask questions if needed.