Hands-on Metal Etching

Hands-on Metal Etching

Through the use of common household chemicals and a simple resist process, a person can etch metals of varying types! In this exhibit, you will be able to create your own etched metal locket or keychain.

How does it work?
Metals are inscribed with a design using an ink resist- permanent marker or stamped ink images- and then the piece is lowered into an acid bath using all proper safety precautions. The acid reacts with the metal, eating away at the surface and discoloring anything exposed. Once the acid is neutralized, anything that was inked stays bright and shiny while the exposed areas are not. Artists can then add inks or colors to the etched surface and bring out the contrast.

Visitors to the booth will have the chance to design their metal piece and watch as it goes through the etching process.


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