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Water Balloon Launching Trebuchet

This is a human powered (kid powered) water balloon launching trebuchet. Launches soft ball size water balloons 75 yards. Made from off the shelf materials.


Chemical Reactions with The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Just as little changes on a molecular level can drastically impact the properties of the bulk material, new ideas in children can drastically change the adult they grow into. As leaders in early childhood education, children’s museums, including Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, engage infants, toddlers, and children through play to think critically and creatively. Young children learn through play and neuroscience confirms that play significantly effects the development of a young child’s brain. At this station, kids will have a chance to perform a simple chemical reaction which turns ordinary school glue and laundry booster into a delightfully fun substance we call glop!


GVU Research Center Demos

http://gvu.gatech.edu/sites/all/resources/gvu%20logo%20black%20opaque-01.pngDemos of projects and hardware from the GVU Center, an interdisciplinary research center at Georgia Tech.
Demos will include a wearable computer that can help you work with wild dolphins, and a vest that can help assistance does work with their owners, and more!


FIRST Robotics Team 4080

http://frcteam4080.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/FRCicon_RGB1.jpgFRC team Reboot is a high school robotics team made up of home schooled students. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). In FRC the challenge changes every year and each team only has six weeks to build and program their robots. Our official team number is 4080.


3D Printing at Mars Settlement

http://makerfaire.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/3d-printing-a-mars-settlement.jpg?w=610When humans eventually settle the Red Planet they will rely heavily on fabrication tools in a lab similar to the hackerspaces and makerlabs wenwork and play in. In extreme environments far away from Earth, future pioneers will use polymer raw materials from Martian air and water to 3D print and hack themselves a home on Mars. The Mars Foundation in conjunction with HI-SEAS and Aleph Objects are now testing some of these concepts with a Lulzbot 3D printer at a prototype Mars base in Hawaii. Join us to and learn about future Mars missions and how your CAD work can directly impact the next generation of space explorers.

BuildLabAlpha Makerspace

BuildLabAlpha is a brand new makerspace located in Alpharetta, GA, serving the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Our mission is to foster creativity, resourcefulness, and build technical skills while having fun and being social.

We invite early tech adopters, digital and physical prototyping gurus, hobbyists, artists, crafters, and entrepreneurs to take advantage of our space and make great ideas come to life.

Our 5,000sf facility is equipped with drills, saws, lathe, 3D printers and ample workspace (plus kitchen and cozy couch/television room). Workshop sessions are in planning and we would love to connect with passionate experts who may be interested in leading classes. We’re excited to offer a friendly space connecting people and project ideas, and want to spread the word!


Think. Do. Make.

What is design? How does one do it? Is doing design similar to doing science, engineering, art, or some combination? We will explore these questions by doing design – short deep dives and extended engagements with a range of design problems — and by taking design apart – careful, considered, and speculative unpacking of some everyday products.

Students will show interactive and engaging artifacts or installations that they have explored and created over the first half of the semester.

This is group 1 of 4.


Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival is a celebration of local science and technology, March 22-29, 2014. Residents of all ages will have the opportunity to explore the science and technology in our region and see how science is connected to all parts of our lives in a range of hands-on activities, facility tours, presentations, and performances. Visit us to find out how to connect with and participate in the Festival!


The MASS Collective

Hello! We would like to present a number of our projects and sell merchandise and art. Our exhibit would include: Hand made 6″ reflecting Telescope, Sculpture of Duncan Shriah, Sterling cycle Model Tractor and other projects. Our workshop aspect would involve hands-on raku. Our demonstrations would be our Tesla Coil, ideally firing in darkened areas, or, lacking power, a demo talking about the science of the coil and its construction. Additionally, we are interested in a ongoing Blacksmithing demonstration.


Maker Shed

https://www.evernote.com/shard/s90/sh/12058d8d-3c3f-43e4-adf2-26190d011c69/f126a4bbf8e7a990256250c194c5214f/deep/0/MFBA2013_GK_Makershed-2.JPG.pngThe Maker Shed is the ecommerce branch of Maker Media, the creator of Make Magazine and Maker Faire. We sell hundreds of products that inspire others to make — everything from robotics and electronic kits to crafts and toys.