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The Maker Station

The Maker Station

The Maker Station is a nascent makerspace in Cobb County that just recently secured a location right off the Marietta Square.
Various projects have recently kicked off, with the biggest of all being the actual build out of the space. The Maker Station will also be entering the #410 Car – Fairehaven CK, in the Power Racing Series race.

At the Faire: Come learn how to make some useful items with paracord (Monkey’s fist knots) or make your contribution to a crowd-sourced art project while learning more about us.

Other member projects include a retro-gaming project resurrecting an original gameboy with raspberry Pi emulator, Electrolumenescent wire clothing/costuming, reprap 3D printing, and highlights from our first Sugru Build night.


Atlanta World Kite Festival and Expo

World Kite Festival and Expo

Let’s explore the exciting world of Kites. Making, Flying, Fighting, and their historical significance throughout the world. From, political demonstrating to discovering electricity. We will be making and decorating kites with kids.