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Outside the Box!

Outside the Box

Children know that a cardboard box is never just a box. It can be a car, a house, a rocket… the possibilities are endless! We at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta seek to inspire children to become creative thinkers while discovering the building blocks of math, engineering, and technology. Here, Young Makers can use cardboard to create items that will help them play, explore, measure, and think Outside the Box!


Society of Physics Students GSU

Society of Physics Students GSU

This 3D printer was constructed using the Prusa Mendel I2 layout, available online at RepRap.org. The printer can extrude PLA filament as well as ABS (with heat bed). This is Georgia State’s first 3D printer on campus, built by the SPS maker team. Members include: Terence Fisher, Matt Rager, Brian Haimbaugh, Stephen Birt, and Sawaiz Syed.

The printer with the red parts is a Kossel Mini. It is a delta style printer that is controllable over the web. It is running OctoPi and Marlin see live status at “kossel.sawaizsyed.com”. The frame is of a Buildlog 2.X laser. When completed it will house a 40W CO2 laser. It is 70% complete.