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What’s All This Talk About Hackerspaces?

Credit: Jeoff Davis recently wrote a great article describing what a hackerspace is and why you should join one:

How to Find and Get Involved with A Hackerspace In Your Community

Did you know that we had (or will very soon have) four different hacker/makerspaces around Atlanta? They all have different emphases, but making is still at their core:

Freeside Atlanta
My Inventor Club
MASS Collective
Geekspace Gwinnett

They will all be present at the Faire this year so you’ll be able to get to know all of them and figure out where your interests might fit in best. The Atlanta area spaces will also be joined at the Faire by a number of other spaces around the Southeast:

Knox Makers – Knoxville, Tennessee
Hackerspace Charlotte – Charlotte, North Carolina
Chatt*lab Makerspace – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Makers Local 256 – Huntsville, Alabama

So be sure to check them all out to see what these Maker communities have created!


    • Thanks for posting our links Keith!

      Admin: it may be a little late for us to throw something together for the faire, as we’re still in startup to get the ball rolling, but ill talk to the group and get everyone’s thoughts.
      I know a few of us we’re planning to drive up and check everything out!

      • admin says:

        Do whatever works best for you guys – but you should definitely come out for the Faire if nothing else. It’s going to be a pretty incredible day!

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