NEWS ยป How to Make a Robot

How to Make a Robot

This year Tim Manasterski, roboticist, will host a 45 minute session on how to make a robot. The robot will be a simple line following bot consisting of two gearhead motors, drive and micro-controller. An infrared LED sensor array will provide the feedback for the line following and although the robot kit will come fully programmed, it will have a USB port for future modifications and customization. A line following robot was chosen for the workshop because they embody a host of robot technologies and are just plain fun to build and watch!

This workshop will cost $85, but you get to walk away with an assembled, fully functional line follower! For the workshop we only have 15 spaces, so please email us at if you would like to get your name on that list!


  1. admin says:

    We’ve got at least one 7 year old signed up so far – they’ll probably be accompanied by an adult, so if that’s a possibility then I think 5+ would work!

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