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Save The Date

Attention Makers, Thinkers, Crafters, Doers:

Mark Your Calendars

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am able to announce to you the date for the second annual Atlanta Mini Maker Faire: October 6th, 2012. We are happy to be sponsored once again by the Georgia Tech Invention Studio, which means that we will be on the campus of Georgia Tech. This time, however, there will be more shade and better access to water!

How We Did

Last year we had an estimated attendance of over 2,500 people with almost 50 exhibitors. Not too shabby for the first year! Some of the most overwhelming feedback was the lack of food and water, desire for workshops, parking difficulties, and some organizational growing pains.

What’s Different

We’ve made some changes due to our feedback! The location this year is going to be different – we’ll be on Skiles Walkway at Georgia Tech. This means we’ll be right next to the Student Center, which will be open and has both vending machines and fast food restaurants to feed you and quench your thirst (and clean restrooms too – no Porta-Potties!). We’ve already got four workshops booked. There are three parking decks within a 10 minute walk of the Faire’s location. Our hope is to have at least 15 more exhibitors/vendors. And we plan to have a larger group of volunteers this year, making it easier to delegate tasks and stay organized. How’s that for you?

What’s Next?

Alright, so you’ve blocked out October 6th of this year. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, and Twitter as we get closer to that date to find out more details about the Faire and the Makers that will be a part of it. One change from this year to last year is that while the Faire will still be free, the official Maker Faire has asked that we use an online ticketing system called EventBrite to ensure we can get a good head count. As an incentive to sign up, we’ll be doing a drawing or two that will be available only to those who sign up and attend the Faire. Keep an eye out for more information!

How Can You Help?

Last year, a team of less than five people put together the Faire. We did an exceptional job (or so we’ve been told!), but we could’ve done more if we had gotten some other volunteers. And that’s where all of you lovely people come in. If you’re able and willing to help out with the Faire, whether it be with preparation or on the day of, shoot us a reply to this email and let us know what you’d like to do. We’ll need help getting the word out, finding and contacting sponsors, scouring the ends of the earth for makers, and working to ensure the day of the Faire runs smoothly. This event is 100% community driven and produced, so come play a part!

Maker? Vendor? Performer?

Expect to hear our Call for Makers in a little less than two weeks. We’re looking for an even greater variety of people than we had last year – you’ll see the familiar group of engineers, artists, and crafters, but we’re looking for beekeepers and bike fixers and kite makers and community gardeners. If you or someone you know has a passion, come show it off! Even better, if you have the wherewithal to show and teach others how to make something (i.e., put on a workshop), please get in contact with us. We want to put on a Faire where not only do you get to see all these wonderful people and things, but you get to interact and learn with them!

Thanks so much for your time. Please feel free to shoot us an email whenever you have any thoughts or comments on ways we could improve the Faire. And we would be grateful if you could forward this email far and wide – let’s step up both quality and quantity this year!

All my best,
David Sluder


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