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Easy Reach Planters


Easy Reach Planters is a home grown small business created with the intent to make gardening easy and convenient for everyone, particularly people who have limited mobility due to disability or age, or limited space in which to have a garden. We would enjoy the opportunity to display our planters which range from two feet long to eight feet long and are three feet tall to the visitors to this year’s Maker Faire.

We plan to display several of our planters in different sizes, and demonstrate how they can be used to grow many different varieties of vegetables. We will be displaying planters with seedlings which will be in varying stages of growth to show how the planters will operate. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss what varieties of vegetables do well in our area, how and when to plant different vegetables during the different growing seasons. In addition to having planters with seedlings growing in them, we plan to distribute information regarding how to garden and lists of where to obtain free information about gardening and horticulture in general. We hope the displays will get people excited about growing their own food.

In addition to getting people interested in the hobby of gardening, we will also be displaying the different components that make up our planters. By showing people how planters are made and the materials they are made from we hope to inspire folks to at least consider woodworking projects as a hobby. Having been a carpenter for a number of years I enjoy talking to people about wood and things made from wood. We will have photographs showing the process of milling lumber and the different methods of joining pieces of wood together without using screws or nails, as well as pieces of the planters people can see, touch and smell.