NEWS ยป Workshop #3 – Squishy Circuits

Workshop #3 – Squishy Circuits

Christopher Hall, a champion of young makers, will be leading an all day, ongoing workshop where you get to create Squishy Circuits. What’s that, do you ask? Well imagine you had a battery, a couple wires, and an LED connected together so the LED lights up. Now, replace the wires with a mixture that acts like conductive Play Doh, and you’ve got yourself a squishy circuit!

You’ll get to cook up this concoction and then learn some circuitry basics with switches, LEDs, and batteries. Each participant will get a small kit so that they can continue with their electrical experiments at home. Friends and adults alike are encouraged to participate!

Credit: Christopher Hall


  1. admin says:

    Hey Ben – this is one of the workshops where you’ll just show up. We’re still working out logistics a bit though, so if we do decide that a sign-up is necessary, you’ll be the first to know. Hopefully it won’t be an issue since this workshop will go on for the entire day!

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