MAD-learn: Mobile App Making for Kids

MAD stands for Mobile App Development. MAD-learn by Crescerance, is a program that is turning kids from Consumers of Technology into Creators of it. Come to the Innovator’s Playground to learn how to turn your child into a Mobile App Maker! Think of an app idea and turn it into reality with MAD-learn.

Erica Parson

Erica Parson

1:45pm // Bootstrapping a Makerspace

So your community has spoken and it wants a makerspace, eh? Well, how do you get people interested? What legal papers are required? What’s a 501(c)3? How do you make sure you’re not going to get sued if someone hurts themselves? How can your community help you? How do you even start?!

All these questions and more will be answered in this talk about bootstrapping a makerspace. Available at the talk will also be links that The Hatch provided on the national day of civic hacking including legal documents you can edit to suit your own needs, 501(c)3 documents, waivers, and websites full of resources you can use in your town to get started.