s8uare is an interactive art experience that allows users to explore the effects their body movements can have on the the installation’s 64 projection-mapped surfaces. Users position themselves on a an 8×8 grid on the floor and can play with any of the installation’s four distinct interactions.

The 64 specially designed laser cut panels of s8uare’s display correspond to a virtual 64 squares on the ground in front of the installation. As users move around the virtual space, their movements and position are reflected interactively on the display, allowing them to explore and experience this blend of art and technology.


re:loom weaving a better life


re:loom employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautiful, one-of-a-kind products out of donated clothing and fabric. re:loom is a program of the non-profit agency, Initiative for Affordable Housing in Decatur, Ga. re:loom will bring a floor loom that will be available for weaving demonstration.