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The RoboJackets are a student organization dedicated to the promotion, education and advancement of robotics. We participate in multiple different competitions ranging from remote controlled fighting robots to fully autonomous self driving vehicles.

Bill’s Robots and Vintage Computers

I have been collecting electronics, vintage laptops, and hackable toys for the last year intending to use them in an independent film. The film is no longer being made and it is just too many projects for me to handle right now! I want to sell off my great collection of finds and have some hands-on displays of how to interface toys to microcontrollers.

FIRST Robotics Team 4080 team Reboot is a high school robotics team made up of home schooled students. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). In FRC the challenge changes every year and each team only has six weeks to build and program their robots. Our official team number is 4080.

3D Printing at Mars Settlement humans eventually settle the Red Planet they will rely heavily on fabrication tools in a lab similar to the hackerspaces and makerlabs wenwork and play in. In extreme environments far away from Earth, future pioneers will use polymer raw materials from Martian air and water to 3D print and hack themselves a home on Mars. The Mars Foundation in conjunction with HI-SEAS and Aleph Objects are now testing some of these concepts with a Lulzbot 3D printer at a prototype Mars base in Hawaii. Join us to and learn about future Mars missions and how your CAD work can directly impact the next generation of space explorers.

Fabricate Studios modern learning environment for sewing and craft classes. We have an incredible community of instructors that offer instruction at any level, beginner through advanced, for children and adults. Improve your skills or learn something new!

Terrarium Design many inventions, Terrariums were an accidental discovery. A gentleman by the name of Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was attempting to observe the metamorphosis of an insect in a closed environment. Using a simple glass bottle with some soil and water, he inadvertently sprouted a small fern and grass plant. He was able to keep the plants alive for nearly four years without watering or maintenance.

Fast forward 170 years and you have the modern day terrarium that still retains the exciting chance to observe nature and be surprised by it.

So please feel free to come and make your own little plant world!

Protea Wild Crafts Wild Crafts is a small, holistic business on a mission to Spread the Herbal Word!

We handcraft herbal products in small batches with loving care and reverence for Nature.

We are deeply committed to building relationships with local farmers and strive to promote seasonal living by reviving traditions in health and wellness.

Featuring herbal tea blends, therapeutic salves, seasonal tonics and traditional recipes all the way from Africa to Appalachia!

Wylde Center
The Wylde Center expands access to greenspace and creates working gardens to cultivate community and environmental education.

BuildLabAlpha Makerspace
BuildLabAlpha is a brand new makerspace located in Alpharetta, GA, serving the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Our mission is to foster creativity, resourcefulness, and build technical skills while having fun and being social.

We invite early tech adopters, digital and physical prototyping gurus, hobbyists, artists, crafters, and entrepreneurs to take advantage of our space and make great ideas come to life.

Our 5,000sf facility is equipped with drills, saws, lathe, 3D printers and ample workspace (plus kitchen and cozy couch/television room). Workshop sessions are in planning and we would love to connect with passionate experts who may be interested in leading classes. We’re excited to offer a friendly space connecting people and project ideas, and want to spread the word!

re:loom employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautiful, one-of-a kind products out of upcycled materials. re:loom is a program of the non-profit agecny Initiative for Affordable Housing in Decatur, Ga. re:loom will bring a floor loom that will be available for demonstration.