2012 Makers

Here they are!  In no particular order, check out the beginning of our 2012 Atlanta Mini Maker Faire Makers:

* These makers will sell their work

Flex Family Arts & Mary Rebecca*
Flex will have hand-embroidered portraits of pop culture icons and side show performers and vintage pin-back buttons while Mary Rebecca will present her handmade jewelry and accessories for sale

R2 Builders
A group of droid builds will be sharing their creations at the Faire. Star Wars fans – this is for y’all.

Electric S-10 truck
A ’95 Chevy S-10 pickup converted to run on electricity. It has 20 golf cart batteries and a 9 inch electric motor.

The Poetry Van
Come write poetry on the big white van in this community art project!

Prototype Robotics
Lawnbot400 – an arduino-controlled lawnmower, Segbot – a rideable Segway clone you can build yourself, and more robots and hacked toys than you can shake a stick at – all from the author of “Arduino Robotics”.

Wearable Planter*
We create 3D printed jewelry and accessories that let you wear a plant as a piece of jewelry, or carry one on your bike.

Near Chaos Robotics & BeJeweled Whimsy*
Near Chaos Robotics designs and builds fighting robots and will be showing off their small fleet of fighting robots. BeJeweled Whimsy features jewelry, haberdashery, and oddities made by Julie Simancek.

Duncan Shirah Sculpture*
Duncan is a sculptor that works between art and invention. He works with dark woods, glass, and aged metal to make useable tools and devices that perform a task in a way that is interesting or unexpected and shows the inherent beauty of utility and functional form.

Wooden Keyboard
This keyboard, a project of Steve Potter, was made from wood as a functional art project. It required plenty of engineering in the process. Visitors will be able to examine and use the keyboard.

WonderRoot Creative Reuse*
WonderRoot Creative Reuse is a project of WonderRoot (wonderroot.org) based in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of our program is to promote artistic expression, environmental awareness and   community through the collection and redistribution of salvaged materials for creative reuse. This year they will once again have supplies for sale as well as a hands-on “Make and Take” activity.

Mardepp,  the catch-all presence of artist Mariana Depetris, will have original bindings, prints, and objects involving multiple printmaking techniques, encaustic, handmade paper, silk, and stitching.

Tops for Kids
Steve Pritchard, woodturning artist and president of the Georgia Association of Woodturners, will be demonstrating how to use a mini-lathe to show how a you can make a spinning top from a block of wood. Then watch as it is textured and colored with your favorite colors!

Venusian Air Ship Pirate Trading Co.*
For fans of Alternative Histories, the VAPT will be at the Maker Faire exhibiting and selling a wide assortment of recycled items and toy guns made into steampunk guns.

Britt Bass Live Installation*
Over the course of the day, artist Britt Bass will be creating an on-site growing art installation assembled with hundreds of pieces hand painted paper and fabric.

Industrious Designs, Inc
Sean O’Shea, blacksmith and metal artist, will bring his portable forge, anvil, and post vise setup back to the Faire to create miniature swords and demo blacksmithing and forging techniques.

Heavenly Handspinning
Jan Ford will bring her drop spindle, mother marion, and spinning wheel to demonstrate how to spin yarn by hand.

Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
The AHRC, founded over 30 years ago, is an organization of hobbyists of all ages and all skill levels that get together to create interest in robotics and explore the creation of them. Expect to see a number of different robots, as well as an exciting collaboration with Freeside Atlanta and My Inventor Club.

Michael Klapthor and his Robots*
WonderRoot Art Center’s ceramics program manager creates handmade robot figures from wheel-thrown pottery all made in WonderRoot’s own ceramic studio. He will not only show off his creations but spend the day creating some!

Squishy Circuits and Telegraphs Workshops
Squishy Circuits – Explore circuitry basics with homemade dough, LEDs, switches,  and batteries.  Visitors will get to make their own squishy circuits and will get a kit so that they can continue making more electronic experiments at home.
Telegraph – Learn how you can make a simple electrical circuit and an electromagnet, put them together, and make your own telegraph.  Visitors will get to play with telegraph sets and will see how easy they are to make.  There will be a game where visitors can win prizes by interpreting Morse code messages.

Prototypist Industries*
Clint Rinehart, an Industrial Designer, will show off his work consisting of 3D-printed jewelry, car parts, and statues from Kinect scans.

Surface Mount Soldering 101 Workshop
Scott Driscoll of CuriousInventor.com will be showing you how to solder surface mount components with a REGULAR soldering iron, and then you’ll get to try it out on a small PCB with some components. He’ll also demo some other DIY soldering techniques like solder pasting, making stencils, and toaster oven reflowing. Bring $5 to pay for supplies!

Georgia Tech Invention Studio
One of our sponsors, the GT Invention Studio, has a 2,500 square-foot design-build-play facility open to all students and faculty at GT. The GT Makers Club, which staffs and directs the Invention Studio, will be at the Faire demoing and showing off all of the projects their members have produced.

Tommy’s Oyster Crafts*
Tommy Jones will be showing off his handmade oyster shell and pinecone crafts. These one-of-a-kind creations, often showcasing high-profile people, will blow your mind. He’ll also be demonstrating the process he goes through to make them.

Printmaking Experiences in the Comumnity
The Atlanta Printmakers Studio will assist children and adults in making colorful monoprints. Participants will combine stamps, stencils, textural items and printing ink on acrylic plates to create imagery. These plates are then printed onto paper using a table-top printing press. Everyone takes home an original print they create.

The Mystery File*
The Mystery File produces a murder mystery game for friends and family, with photo and documentary evidence, 12 unique characters and an interactive story telling.

Libraries as Makerspaces
Buffy Hamilton aka The Unquiet Librarian will give an exciting presentation on Creating Communities Through Libraries and Makerspaces: Come learn how libraries are inviting participation and generating enchantment by crafting makerspaces for their communities! This presentation will share exciting and innovative ways that academic, public, and school libraries are encouraging a spirit of play and lifelong learning through makerspace culture.

Georgia Tech Industrial Design Senior Studio*
A collection of senior Industrial Design students will be exhibiting a collection of projects that were the result of a goal to design and develop a useful product that can be printed and sold on Shapeways or Ponoko.

Relapse Theatre :: Do-It-Yourself Entertainment
Relapse Comedy Theatre will be at the Faire performing their flavor of Do-It-Yourself comedy aka Improv!

Botmite – Autopilot Model Aircraft
Botmite model aircraft features an 8 foot wingspan on a glider body.  Yet, it muscles a thrust to weight ratio of 1.2 to 1.   Prudent flying of this state of the art platform can omit the quintessential pilot.

Geekspace Gwinnett
This group is just getting started, but they’re jumping into the deep end as they come to the Faire and show off projects from their members!

Maker Joe
He’s back! Joe Gilmore, an electro-mechanical alchemist, will be showing off some of his fine art made from re-purposed machinery and electronics, including one that uses a high voltage electric arc.

A to Zine: How to Make, Copy and Sell Your Zine
In this workshop, facilitated by the Atlanta Zine Library, participants will learn each step of making a zine. Zines are self-produced publications with no limit on form or content. Everyone will see a selection of zines available at the library, practice basic layout and formatting, and learn how to distribute zines to a wider audience. Then we will all create a page to be featured in an Atlanta Mini Maker Fare Zine!

Retro Computing Maker Kits
This project by the Atlanta Historical Computing Society will have them displaying class personal computer (desktops, laptops, and handhelds). They will also be displaying and working on a variety of retro computer kits. There are kits for using modern SD cards with old computers and there are reproduction and replicated / emulated computer kits.

My Inventor Club
My Inventor Club will host various workshops and showcase some innovative member build projects. Our club inspires creative solutions and brings the tools needed to create and build most anything. Our workshops will include black smithing, welding, cnc machining, 3D printing and more so make sure to come support the maker scene.

Freeside Atlanta
Freeside Atlanta is a nonprofit Hackerspace/Makerspace in Atlanta. They’ll be showing off lots of their cool projects and some fun, interactive stuff.

Found and Fixed*
Found and Fixed is a collaborative project based out of Atlanta, GA between Mallorie Coleman and Jenae Roseen. They create original pieces from reused materials and mend classic vintage as part of our effort to recycle items into modern, stylish designs.

They recycle wine corks into unique crafts. They will provide hands-on “make-it & take-it” demos on how to turn wine corks into reindeer ornaments. Bring $5 to cover the cost of materials. They will also showcase and sell other crafts from recycled materials including gift card jewelry, resistor earrings, and coasters.

Silver Talisman*
Silver Talisman jewelry is totally hand made. They use sterling silver, brass and copper in all of their work. 40% of the stones are hand cut and all are set in sterling silver. Starting with with wire, bezel and sheet silver to create bezel cups, they are then soldered them to hand made ring shanks, earrings and bracelets. This artist’s family has been silver smithing for over 40 years.

Rainy Day Market*
Rainy Day Market is a collaborative effort between two friends who decided to ditch their day jobs and have more fun! We offer a variety of items such as handmade picture frames, custom coasters, notebooks, screen printed designs, home decor and jewelry. We enjoy working with many different materials to create fun products that appeal to everyone!

Children Artists*
Two young crafters, brothers Sebastian age 11 and Tristan age 7, will display jewerly and art work made by their own hand.

Jessica Campbell : ART Felting and Recycled Art
Jessica will spend her time at the Faire wearing two different hats. One of them consists of her doing a felting workshop. She’ll explain all about what felting is as well as demoing how to wet felt and needle felt. She’ll be providing small robot making kits for everyone so you can make a 4-5″ softie robot doll. You’ll use a felting pad, needle, and soft wool bodies as well as raw wool to create limbs and customizable elements to make a truly unique doll. All of this for only $5!
Her other “hat” will be as a recycled materials artist. She’ll spend the rest of her day creating a piece of recycled art with glass, foam, cardboard, wire, and plaster as her materials. She’ll build it up and then build it out, so be sure to watch how this artist works!

Dunwoody Homeschool Hive*
Kids from the Dunwoody Hive homeschool group will be selling their handmade soap, laundry detergent and crayons.

Noosh! Studios
Chris Neuenschwander of Noosh! Studios will be on site with his collection of hand carved relief blocks that people can choose from, and then print them on any shirt, tote, onesie, or anything else he can push through the press. Bring some of your own shirts to press or buy one from him on the day of!

Rock All the Things
Rock all the Things is an interactive system that translates movement through space into paintings on paper. Its networked components toggle authorship between the distribution of ants in space and oversized balance boards manned by people.

These Georgia Tech students make robots to compete in Battlebots, IGVC, and Robocup in addition to mentoring a high school FIRST Robotics Team. They’ll have robots available for driving.

Knox Makers.org
This Knoxville, TN based makerspace brought an up-cycled touch table last year as a proof of concept. This year, after moving into a physical space and growing exponentially, they’ve been able to turn that concept into a coffee table touchscreen with 1080p resolution. They’ll also be bringing a vacuum forming rig with molds for creating masks. Just in time for Halloween, kids and other curious makers will be able to watch a flat sheet of plasic melt into their mask of choice (paint and decoration will be available). They also hope to be able to transport and display a hand made canoe.

the print 411
the print 411 is a custom screen print studio, teaching workshops about printing, graphic design, marketing and more! Swing by their booth on the half hour for a demo and print sampling, and if you are so inclined, try your hand at screen printing – let’s get inky!

IEEE Innovation Team
The Georgia Tech IEEE Innovation Team works on several projects in the fields of robotics, computer vision, and mobile app development. Currently, they have a demo of a small robot, Kinect application, and simple iPhone app.

The Southern Polytechnic State University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team participates in the AUVSI Robosub competition every year in San Diego, California. They build a submarine that is able to drive itself using vision input, audio input and an inertial measurement unit. They will bring the submarine to display and answer any questions you may have about it.

LR Design Lab*
From metal work, wood work and antiques to art and design, the talented duo of MC Lemay and Allie Rivenbark creates beautiful masterpieces that show a true sensibility for whatever capacity you see fit. These exquisite builders are very meticulous, detailed, and extremely professional in every sense.

MH Combat Robotics
MH Robotics builds and competes with fighting robots ranging from 1lb to 30lbs. Larger robots will be on display and the 1-3lb ‘insectweights’ will be demoed in exhibition matches inside a 5’x5′ bulletproof arena.

GT OFFROAD Baja Race Car
The Georgia Institute of Technology Baja SAE Competition Team will show off their Baja Race Car. It was designed and built 100% by students, using advanced CAD software and full array of machining equipment such as mills,lathes, cnc, waterjet, bandsaws,tube benders, welding, vacuum formed composites, and more.

Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Rocket Club
Low power and high power rockets and interesting payloads made by members of the Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Rocket Club.

Hackerspace Charlotte
One of North Carolina’s premier hackerspaces will be back in Atlanta to show off their rocket launchers, quadcopters, 3D printers, Feltronics, and much more!

Sinfully Sweet Handmade Soaps*
Sindy Anderson will be bringing all of her soaps, based on olive oil and various butters, to the Faire to sell to you. And not only that, she’s going to be bringing all of her soap making equipment so she can demo the different ways you can make soap for yourselves at home! Whether it’s melt and pour or cold process, you’ll walk away knowing all of the basic steps to try this out for yourself.

Bee Hacking
Tom Rearick of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association has found some good uses for how maker technology can improve the monitoring and management of bee colonies. View live bees up close in a handmade observation hive, and listen to them with embedded sensors. Learn how to hack a $16 luggage scale into a bee hive scale. See how Arduino and one-wire technology can be used to monitor hives!

Clean Cookstoves by EWB
Georgia Tech’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders will be at the Faire to talk about how exposure to smoke from traditional cookstoves and open fires are major causes of respiratory problems in the developing world. They’ve worked to research and fabricate improved cookstove designs for the communities we work in. Come experience their clean cookstoves in action, and see how Engineers Without Borders is making the world a safer, healthier place!

GT Design/Build/Fly
The Georgia Institute of Technology Aerospace Design, Build, Fly Club is focused on teaching fundamentals of aircraft design that is otherwise absent from the aerospace curriculum. Students apply their knowledge by designing, building, and flying remote control aircraft in multiple international competitions. Since the club was founded, students have expanded the scope of the club to include ground, air, and water vehicles.

Scratch ‘n Etch PCBs
Matt Gilbert, formerly of Dorkbot Atlanta, will demonstrate a process for producing printed circuit boards using the “scratch n’ etch” method. This method uses machinists paint as an etch resist, which is scratched away using a homemade mill with a pressure-sensitive carbide scriber. He has used this method to make unique MIDI controllers and other projects, some of which will be on display.

University of West Georgia Art Student Union*
The UWG ASU will be making fine art screen prints on sight and demoing to the crowd (adults and children alike) how to screenprint. The audience will be able to make their own screenprints. They will be screenprinting paper products such as coasters and posters that will be for sale and for people to make.

Just two years ago, Free Art Friday Atlanta (FAFATL) began as a way to “encourage creativity and get people out walking their neighborhoods”. Today FAFATL has grown into a large, supportive community of people from all walks of life that create pieces of art to be hidden throughout the city for others to find – always on the first Friday of the month and sometimes every day is Free Art Friday. At their booth, they’ll be displaying works from Popular Free Artists, such as Catlanta, Evereman, Kentwofour, Clunkyrobot, etc. Along with large display boards of how the making and taking work. Local free artists will man the booth and talk about the process and their experiences with the project. AND the most fun aspect of the booth is that they’ll also have a free art making station. They’ll have all the materials on hand for new makers to participate in making some free art of their own. At the end each new artists will get the enjoyment of considering whether to give their art away, or whether to keep it for themselves

ASIFA Atlanta
ASIFA Atlanta, the only chapter in the Southeast of this international animation society, will be on hand to demonstrate how to build a starter animation kit on a tight budget. Observers will learn how to animate using traditional and experimental techniques complete with in-camera layers. These techniques are so simple, observers can become participants and animate using a variety of materials on location!

Junk Signs by Live Steamy*
Turning absolute junk into incredible art! Come watch, learn or join in with Melanie Grace aka Live Steamy to use up old junk and turn it into something new! Any word, name or phrase, any color, anything you can create or imagine can be done with junk!

Chinese Name Calligraphy
Lin Li of the Atlanta Chinese Calligraphy Lovers Association will have a table where he will demonstrate Chinese calligraphy through making people’s names in Chinese. More art than handwriting, you’ll be able to walk away a unique piece of handmade work.

Engineering Help 5¢
Daniel Bauen will once again be at the Faire to answer your engineering and design questions at a 3,000% discounted rate. Also, learn about taking products from concept to reality using examples that you can get your hands on.

The Ohms – FIRST Robotics Team
The Rockdale Magnet School’s FIRST Robotics team will be on hand this year to introduce school age kids to making through robotics including big competitions (FIRST, BEST, and more) and little projects (such as the vibrobots that they can teach you to make).

Leila Street Handmade*
Katie Sluder will be back this year to sell her jewelry, handmade gifts and artsy wares. She’ll be bringing earrings, necklaces, art prints, mini art notebooks, and various homegoods.

FIRST Robotics by G3
Grady High School in Atlanta is sending their FIRST Robotics Team to the Faire this year. At their exhibit, they will show off and let you operate their 2012 FRC robot and talk to students and adult mentors about their experiences with FIRST.

CCG Lab Research Demos
The Georgia Tech GVU’s Contextual Computing Group will be demoing some of their research including CHAT – a wearable computer system for dolphin researchers, Mobile Music Touch – a werable glove for practicing piano and quadriplegic rehab, and Swatchbook – a selection of conductive textile-computer interfaces.

Protest With Art*
Protest With Art is a series of interactive sculptures by Atlanta-based sculptor George M. Turner Jr. created for the people and manifested by the people. Each piece provides artistic tools free for any person that wishes to express opposition to social injustice. Each person’s interaction with these sculptures becomes part of the artwork, serving as an artistic representation and documentation of our collective thoughts on some of the most pressing social issues in contemporary society. As part of this series, you’ll find a press that flattens pennies so you can write on them and give them your 2¢ and an 18-inch diameter liberty bell cast in bronze.

Be Craft Happy*
Bhea Barcarse will bring her Etsy shop that has fun jewelry and accessories for women and girls made from beautiful fabric finds and upcycled t-shirts. She’ll also be bringing some equipment with her so that you’ll be able to take some of her raw materials and create your own jewelry and accessories!

PoP Tile*
PoP-Tile makes hand-crafted, solid wood, saw cut and mosaic tile tables and wall art. They make end tables, wall art, plaques, mirrors, and address signs to decorate your whole home or office. They’ve cut fish, flowers, wine bottles, collegiate and company logos, flags and more. They’ll also be bringing their tile cutter with them to demo to everyone how they make their products.

Basic Mold Making and Casting
The Mold Making and Casting panel, taught by The Engineer Guy’s knowledgable staff, will give you a great overview of the mold making process. They will demonstrate how to make a one-part mold and talk about how to make other kinds of molds as well. They will also make several castings and talk about the various casting mediums.

Georgia Tech GVU Center
There will be several projects here affiliated with the GVU Center, which is a research organization at Georgia Tech with over 70 faculty that are focused on human-computer interaction, so they often need to make their own sensors, wearable systems, user interface mock-ups, or other electronics. This booth in particular will be bringing out their laser cutter, some wood, and a program that allows you to print out custom-sized project boxes. They’ll also hopefully have some Build-Your-Own-Arduino supplies so that the folks who learn how to solder SMT components from Scott Driscoll’s workshop will be able to do just that and walk away with an Arduino!

Sharing Snips Scherenschnitte*
Amanda Mattison will be on hand sharing her original artwork: “Scherenschnitte” is the ancient art of paper cutting. All pieces are hand-cut from acid-free, color-fast, light-fast papers using a utility blade. Her primary work features subjects from nature – birds, flowers, fish, insects, and ecological relationships. Papercuts are captivating when mounted in floating glass frames and cast beautiful shadows which change subtly throughout the day.  She’ll also bring supplies with her to let participants create their own paper-cut art. You can use a Sharing Snips pattern if you’d like or use your own original idea to experiment with paper-cutting.

Chatt*lab Makerspace
This new Makerspace from Chattanooga, TN will have a table to spread the word about their space that is currently in the organization and build-out stages. Projects they will bring along include a number of battle robots, quadcopter, a franken-multi-console, and hopefully some chairs from their CNC router. And of course, some tshirts!

The Ginormous Chain Reaction Prism
Join makers of all ages in the construction of an uber engineered mega machine.  Choose from an assortment of levers, pulleys, gears, ramps, tubes, balls, and triggers of your own design.  Teams can form on the spot.  Prizes will be given throughout the day to those who succeed in this Rube Goldberg-style challenge.

Kell Robotics
Kell High School’s robotics team will be back this year with a couple of their most recent creations: a basketball shooting robot from their FIRST competition and ORCA (Oil Recovery and Capture), a robot that landed them a table at the second White House Science Fair earlier this year.

How do blind people type on their iPhones? BrailleTouch is an app developed by researchers at Georgia Tech that allows blind people to type quickly (up to 30 words per minute) on touchscreen smartphones, based on the braille code. Come try it out! You’ll be typing the alphabet within a minute on an iPhone without looking at the screen. No prior knowledge of braille is necessary.

Third Half Studios*
Learn budget screenprinting with Third Half Studios or just shop your face off with their super geeky housewares!

Makers Local 256
Makers Local 256 is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit of like-minded individuals who have created a hackerspace located in Huntsville, AL.

Air Crib
Based on B.F. Skinner’s original design, the air crib is an enclosed infant sleep space with regulated temperature and air flow to create a warm, humid, quiet environment for a baby while cutting energy costs from the household by only heating the crib and not the entire house. It also cuts down on the risk of SIDS, since the infant rests on a cloth pallet, which requires no sheets, blankets, or heavy clothing that might be a choking hazard.

Simple Robot Line Follower*
HowToMakeaRobot.US presents a beginner’s guide to robot building.  This project will go over all the steps required to build and program a simple line following robot.  From design to construction to programming, a very basic line following robot will be built from scratch right in front of your eyes. He will host one workshop the day of the Faire to walk a group through assembling the robot, but he will also have a booth for anyone interested in coming by and putting one together there.

Mad Housers
Mad Housers Inc. is an Atlanta based nonprofit corporation engaged in charitable work, research, and education.  Our goals are to provide shelter for homeless individuals, to develelop the skills and knowledge for constructing and rehabilitating shelter and housing, and to create a DIY culture around basic shelter. The Mad Housers believe that if a person has a secure space from Which to operate, they are much more capable of finding the resources to help themselves.

MASS Collective
MASS is an inclusive educational facility and laboratory, supporting research and development across a broad range of fields. We foster creativity and multidisciplinary collaboration by providing open access to unique tools and resources. Their name,’MASS’, is an acronym which implies the shared innovative spirit among those with Musical, Artistic, Scientific, and Social pursuits. They wish to see new ideas thrive, and to kindle the fire of creative genius within each of us. Their goal is to help weave individuals into an ever-growing network of students, educators, and creators. MASS will have a booth, put on two workshops (Alternative Process Photochemistry and Poor Man’s DNA Extraction), and their own Chris Carter will be a speaker on The DIY Education Revolution.

Wooden Bicycle
Collin Graver, a high school student, is going to be showing off his purely wooden bike. Now on his second prototype, it is a single speed bike with six gears, weighing over 50 pounds. His first bike was purely of his own design and cut in his father’s shop though the gears ate each other up due to their handmade nature. His second bike will feature CNC cut parts made at My Inventor Club.

If you’re interested in who we had last year, take a look at the 2011 Makers list.