Workshop #2 – A to Zine: How to Make, Copy and Sell Your Zine

Ever made a zine? Do you even have a clue what one is? It’s pretty simple in concept – zines are self-produced publications with no limit on form or content. That’s a reasonable starting point, but then you find yourself in front of a piece of paper, with some more paper, a handful of pencils and pens and crayons, maybe an x-acto knife, and it turns out theĀ possibilitiesĀ are endless!

Amanda Mills and the rest of the Atlanta Zine Library will be putting on a workshop where you will learn each step of making a zine. You’ll get to see a wide selection of zines from other artists, practice basic layout and formatting, and learn how to distribute zines to a wider audience. Then you get to work your artistic chops and create a page to be featured in an Atlanta Mini Maker Faire Zine!

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