NEWS ยป Wooden Tops from a Mini-Lathe

Wooden Tops from a Mini-Lathe

When’s the last time you saw a woodturning artist carve a block of wood into a wooden spinning top? Well if you happened to be in at the Hydrangea Festival in Douglasville on the weekend of June 4th, you’d probably say “I guess it was the weekend of June 4th in Douglasville.” That’s where I got to meet Steve Pritchard, a veteran wood artist and president of the Georgia Association of Woodturners. He was having a blast making tops and then coloring them with some markers to hand to all of the kids. Do you even remember the last time you spun one of these little guys? Regardless of your answer, it’s been too long!

Come to the Faire on October 6th, shake Steve’s hand, and watch him work some magic.

Credit: Steve Pritchard

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