NEWS ยป Welcome to Craig Lambert

Welcome to Craig Lambert

Hey everyone – in the interest of keeping the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire spirit alive all throughout the year, we’ve had a kind individual sign on to be our first official writer. AMMF community, meet Craig; Craig, meet the AMMF community!

Here’s a bio about Craig so you can get to know him too:

Craig Lambert is an educator who has taught in public schools, Waldorf Schools, and a Free School. He currently runs an in-home preschool ( and a program for teens to do apprenticeships & internships in any field instead of attending high school. Craig writes a daily blog about hands-on, experiential education ( His Maker contributions include Sci-Fi-Shakespeare comic books, knitting, and a rules-lite RPG system.

I’d like to thank him for signing on to do this – the more members of the community become a part of this, the better! If you’re interested in becoming a writer for our blog, feel free to email me at

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