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Timmy O’Brien and the Movies

Credit: Timmy O’Brien

Timmy O’Brien of Whatever Unique, another one of our speakers, will be talking about making and the movies. Want to know a bit about him?

With an early start as a magician, and a degree in Technical Theatre and Design, Timmy O’Brien has developed a career out of hacking and making to build props, scenery, and special effects. Finding new materials, tools, and processes, as well as how to use all of those for unintended purposes has been both work and hobby. Timmy has worked on feature film and television projects for over a decade including Zombieland, The Vampire Diaries, and Gangster Squad.

And what ever will he talk about, you ask? Well we can answer that question too:

“Why you should let your kids play with tools and other ‘dangerous’ things, and how hacking and making from a young age has lead to a career in the television and film industry building props, scenery and special effects. “

His presentation is going to round out our day, starting at 4:00, so be sure to come check him out!

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