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RoboJackets, Georgia Institute of Technology


The RoboJackets is a creative robotic club at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It annually competes in five different competitions, Battlebots, FIRST, IGVC, RoboCup and IARRC. Each one has different goals, tasks, size limits, and playing field. We do it all from the very small and completely autonomous to the modestly sized an fully human operated.


Dunwoody Homeschool Hive – Parent and Child Projects

Dunwoody Homeschool Hive Parent and Child Projects

- Origami workshop
- A DIY personal weather station built from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, household items, and parts from Home Depot that is able to update weather conditions at Weather Underground
- A doghouse
- Kids from the Dunwoody Homeschool Hive’s First Lego League team, The Molecule Mashers, will talk about this year’s FLL challenge, show off their Lego EV3 robot and FLL competition table, and present basic Lego NXT and EV3 how-to demonstrations