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We are building an open hardware platform for applications that uses BLE.

Tah is an open development board which allows one to create applications that communicate with smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0. Think of it as a Lego brick for developing mobile applications which interact with nearby objects easily.

Bluetooth 4.0 has some major changes as compared to the previous versions. It is now easier than ever to connect your smartphone to these devices, and it’s so frugal power requirements make it ideal for a lot of applications that were not possible previously.

This has ushered in a variety of different devices that exploit the low energy & low cost nature of this technology. Prominent examples are iBeacon, Estimote beacons, XY tracker and Chipolo. But none of them are for makers and hackers. They are end products, they aren’t Arduinos.

We have developed an SDK which includes libraries for iOS, Android as well as in Python.
The best part about Tah is that it’s Arduino compatible.
You can program it using the Arduino IDE. It has the 32u4 microcontroller onboard, which is the same one that is found on the Leonardo.

All of our work will be released under a free license.


Wooden Machines

Wooden Machines

CNC routed wood bike. Collin and Myles will bring their homemade CNC router and various items they have made using it. They will demonstrate the CNC router.