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https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000404586355/161886da2e7b5a7ef9abff0c5d31a3c4.pngBlokify is a free 3d modeling iOS application that allows everyone, including children, to easily build anything their imaginations can conjure. We use a block-based building system and tool free UI to make building process quick and easy. The transition from virtual to physical is then handled by one-click wireless 3d printing; users can go from a thought to physical product within a few a hours.



https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/528311_449108051832403_1545583012_n.pngMakerStash is your secret source for high quality 3D printing filaments. We will be letting visitors make a bioplastic bouncy ball from corn starch.  The process is similar to the one use to make our PLA filaments.  Come check it out!


SPSU Electric Vehicle Team

We are a group of students at Southern Polytechnic State University interested in developing electric transportation. We built an electric motorcycle to compete in the TTXGP (electric motorcycle racing series) with a top speed of 160 mph. We also have an electric go-kart that we built. Both projects use different types of motors and batteries.


Autonomous Humanoid Robot using ROS

My main robot project: I’m working to add a number of sensors using a Gumstix Overo FireStorm board. I’m planning to add, 2 vga cameras (this may change to a depth camera, might be easier just to use an off the shelf USB based depth camera like the DepthSense 325, or the Developer kit from Creative BTW, check out Intel’s Perceptual Computing SDK (http://software.intel.com/en-us/vcsource/tools/perceptual-computing-sdk)), and some accelerometers and a compass. I’ll continually build on this base platform to extend it’s capabilities. Not sure where this will go, but it should be pretty fun. -MI will present and discuss at least one autonomous bi-ped robot, discuss ROS and the steps to building bi-ped robots. I may be able to present some interesting technology from Intel. Stay tuned on that. Still hashing out the details.


The MASS Collective

Hello! We would like to present a number of our projects and sell merchandise and art. Our exhibit would include: Hand made 6″ reflecting Telescope, Sculpture of Duncan Shriah, Sterling cycle Model Tractor and other projects. Our workshop aspect would involve hands-on raku. Our demonstrations would be our Tesla Coil, ideally firing in darkened areas, or, lacking power, a demo talking about the science of the coil and its construction. Additionally, we are interested in a ongoing Blacksmithing demonstration.


ARLEne: Autonomous/ Remote Land Explorer

http://nottleytech.us/home/images/makerfaire/GolfCart.PNGFrom the ashes of an abandoned golf cart arose a phoenix of technological greatness. After much innovative forethought and electro-mechanical reconfiguration by a trio of dedicated Tech students, ARLEne no longer requires a human in the driver seat, per say. Our uniquely-designed acceleration and direction control sub-systems are only the beginnings of our plans, with future desires to incorporate remote vision.


Prototype Robotics

http://prototyperobotics.com/system/images/3/large/segbot.pngJD Warren is a maker and author of Arduino Robotics, and has been on the cover of MAKE magazine issue 22. Most of his projects include home-made robot frames with simple electronics and Arduino microcontrollers – the Lawnbot400 and the Seg-bot are his most popular projects. Visit his website PrototypeRobotics.com for more information.


Stereolithography 3D Printing On The Form1 Printer

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-0ynr0EnL9KY/UiC1B7zpfDI/AAAAAAAAKRc/o48ET0SScwk/w976-h792-no/Maker+Faire+Image.jpgForm1 3D Printer Demo. Observe one of the latest Prosumer 3D printers to use Stereolithography (SLA) in action. There will also be a demo of the PreForm print setup software and the post print part cleaning process. There will be sample prints to look at and touch as well as promotional materials provided by the printer manufacture for guests read and take home.


Maker Shed

https://www.evernote.com/shard/s90/sh/12058d8d-3c3f-43e4-adf2-26190d011c69/f126a4bbf8e7a990256250c194c5214f/deep/0/MFBA2013_GK_Makershed-2.JPG.pngThe Maker Shed is the ecommerce branch of Maker Media, the creator of Make Magazine and Maker Faire. We sell hundreds of products that inspire others to make — everything from robotics and electronic kits to crafts and toys.


HYREL 3D Printers & Technology

http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3692/9039513256_76b421d8bb_b.jpgWe make industrial-grade, robust, all-metal 3D printers. With our interchangeable hot-swappable extruders, we can turn your HYREL 3D printer from printing with Plastics to 3D printing with Sugru, Clay, Plasticine, Porcelain, Silicone RTV, and more materials coming!