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Prototype Robotics

Prototype Robotics is the brainchild of JD Warren, a robotics and programming enthusiast who’s been featured on the cover of Make Magazine and has published his own book on Arduino Robotics. Mr. Warren has been programming most of his life, but began building his own functional robots in 2010 with the Lawnbot400, a fully functional, remote-controlled lawnmower and dump truck. After seeing his work published and receiving lots of positive feedback, Mr. Warren created as a place for him and others to share their work.

After the Lawnbot400, Mr. Warren created the SegBot, an Arduino-controlled DIY Segway clone, built for around $500. For anyone interested in building their own Lawnbot or Segbot, Mr. Warren has posted videos and instructions on his website, with more detailed instructions on the programming and construction of Arduino robots in his book.

He’s also built bluetooth-controlled bots, line-following bots, and several unique robotics components that were required for his robots. For this year’s Maker Faire Atlanta, Mr. Warren is bringing the Lawnbot400, SegBot, several new Lawnbots his friends have built, as well as several smaller robots and a couple of remote-controlled robots for kids to test drive. This will be Mr. Warren’s third year at Maker Faire Atlanta.


JD Warren

Prototype Robotics

Photos used with permission of JD Warren.

* This post was written by AMF Volunteer Robert Bennett, a high school physics teacher and robotics coach. He is a DIYer and owns the DIY home improvement site