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https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/378800000404586355/161886da2e7b5a7ef9abff0c5d31a3c4.pngBlokify is a free 3d modeling iOS application that allows everyone, including children, to easily build anything their imaginations can conjure. We use a block-based building system and tool free UI to make building process quick and easy. The transition from virtual to physical is then handled by one-click wireless 3d printing; users can go from a thought to physical product within a few a hours.



https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/528311_449108051832403_1545583012_n.pngMakerStash is your secret source for high quality 3D printing filaments. We will be letting visitors make a bioplastic bouncy ball from corn starch.  The process is similar to the one use to make our PLA filaments.  Come check it out!