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Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle is a volunteer-run organization that picks fruit from all over the Atlanta area and donates it to local homeless shelters and food banks. To date we have donated over 15,000 lbs of fruit and vegetables from neglected trees and land around the city.

We try to build as many tools as possible to aid in fruit picking and simply to make it more fun. Our exhibit features two of such tools: our bike blender that we use to make refreshing beverages during work days at our farm, and our pedal powered apple grinder, used to make apple cider at our end-of-season Ciderfest.

Interested? Come help us build drones, fruit-tree sensors, tree-shaking machines, giant stilts, inflatable tarps and more! Even if you’re not a maker yourself, we always need help throughout the season with picking, farming, outreach and logistics.