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Forge Your Own Copper Bracelet


So once again I will be running the forge your own copper bracelet booth. We will be hanging out with the anvils teaching people how to make super simple bracelets that are really fun. No previous experience with metal smithing necessary. Come make a bracelet that anyone (Vikings, Princesses, Pirates, Explorers, and Kings included) can be proud to wear on your wrist. We’ll be talking about how the face of the hammer pushes the metal around, making noise, and having fun. Kids under 12 will need to bring an adult assistant.

Red Rocket Farm


Red Rocket Farm is where SCIENCE! meets WHIMSY in art; where cats can fly through space and robots can eat cookies. Red Rocket Farm produces unique 3-D wooden paintings, layered like dioramas, and popping with ADORABLENESS. All the designs come out of the brain of Jason Thomas  and are hand cut, painted, silk screened, airbrushed, kissed and tucked in at night by Jason and his team of craftsladies (Teeter, and Crista). We also hand print our own shirts and bags, and make Mystery Boxes and very strong fridge magnets (for your heaviest coupons). Jason is also the creator of Story Town, on online, illustrated experience where pages of the story are uploaded throughout the day and the audience helps determine the course of the story.  Read past Story Towns or experience a Story Town live at We would love to share our craft with Maker Faire and could do live screen printing or resin casting at the booth.  Additionally, Jason does Free Drawings for Total Strangers where he draws comics based on answers to questions he asks strangers he meets at shows.  The stranger gets to keep the comic, and Jason picks select comics to then redraw and make a polished webcomic.  Examples can be found at