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Want to Give Us a Hand?

Do you guys remember how smoothly the event ran last year? No one caught themselves on fire, the makers were able to set their booths up on time, the attendees found the place just fine, and the only hiccup was the lack of water. Do you know why that happened? Because we had someĀ volunteers.

Last year was a relatively small event compared to this year, and that means we’re going to need even more volunteers to help out. We’ve split the day into bite-size chunks on our volunteer form so you’ll be able to give us a hand as well as peruse all of our lovely makers. AND you get a free t-shirt!

If you’re interested in helping the day run smoothly, please sign up to be a volunteer on our Volunteer Form. We thank you in advance!

2012 AMMF Location:Tech Lawn

Check it out – Georgia Tech’s Tech Lawn in all its green glory:

Now take a second and imagine the sidewalks lined on both sides by makers – R2 droids, wearable planters, book binding, live art installations, SMT soldering workshops, printmaking experiences, autonomous aircraft, blacksmithing demos, handmade jewelry, children artists, interactive art projects, mini welding workshops, make-your-own-soap demos, clean cookstoves, free art making stations, make your own animation setups, conductive electrical interfaces, art activists, mold making demos, Rube Goldberg machines, and budget screenprinting.

Then fill those sidewalks with people thirsty for interaction. Well over half our booths have some opportunity for participation, so whether you want to learn how to screenprint with pantyhose, a credit card, and cheap paint or you want to laser cut your own custom size project box from a sheet of wood, we’ve got you covered. We honestly do have something for just about everyone.

Unless you’re a hermit. And if you ARE a hermit, you may be in luck because there’s talk of someone bringing a geodesic dome for you to hide in. So if you know a hermit, please be sure to invite him/her.

See you on October 6th from 10am-5pm atĀ 349 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta GA 30313!

Atlanta – We Have Achieved Ticketing!

Hooray! As you know, the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire is 100% free, but we do need a way to track the number of people to expect so we’re asking everyone to sign up for a ticket through Eventbrite. It’ll just take a minute AND it’ll get your name in the hat for a few giveaways! Please feel free to use this link or just go through the form below:

Remember This Guy:

Credit: Eric Weinhoffer

That, my friends, is Mr. Sean O’Shea, and he’s a blacksmith. Last year he showed up with his portable forge and small anvil, and he pounded out miniature swords for $1 each. Didn’t get one, did you? Well if you happen to show up at Georgia Tech on October 6th of this year, you can fill that void!

What’s Cooler than a Picture of an Embroidered Pee Wee Herman?

Seeing the same thing IN PERSON! Or how about Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls? Maybe a Jackalope? And don’t forget the King!


Do You Know How to Build a DIY Segway for About $500?

If not, then John-David Warren of Prototype Robotics and can show you the way! This robotics guru will be “bringing as many of my robots and hacked toys as I can fit in the truck” to the Faire. This guru, author of Arduino Robotics, was a huge hit last year with his Seg-Bot and Lawnbot 400, and he’ll be back this year to show off even more of his project!

Do You Know What a Mother Marion Is?

I have to admit that I surely don’t. BUT Jan Ford of Heavenly Handspinning does! And if you come to the Faire, she’ll bring her whole setup to demo the process of turning raw cotton into rady-to-use yarn.

Credit: Jan Ford


Ever Seen a Robot Emerge from Clay?

WonderRoot‘s ceramics manager Michael Klapthor makes mechanical beings from ceramic media. He’ll be at the Faire to show off his creations, but what’s even more exciting is that he’ll bring his spinning wheel and he’ll make a robot or two over the course of the day. Watching an artist work is quite an experience!

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

Colleen Jordan does, and she likes to show it off. She uses 3D printing to create small vessels that hold a bit of soil and a small plant, and these are then put on your bike or around your neck so you can “carry nature close to your heart.” She’ll be at the Faire this year showing off her products and talking about the process. Don’t know what 3D printing is? Come to the Faire and you’ll find out!

Workshop #3 – Squishy Circuits

Christopher Hall, a champion of young makers, will be leading an all day, ongoing workshop where you get to create Squishy Circuits. What’s that, do you ask? Well imagine you had a battery, a couple wires, and an LED connected together so the LED lights up. Now, replace the wires with a mixture that acts like conductive Play Doh, and you’ve got yourself a squishy circuit!

You’ll get to cook up this concoction and then learn some circuitry basics with switches, LEDs, and batteries. Each participant will get a small kit so that they can continue with their electrical experiments at home. Friends and adults alike are encouraged to participate!

Credit: Christopher Hall