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Do You Know What a Mother Marion Is?

I have to admit that I surely don’t. BUT Jan Ford of Heavenly Handspinning does! And if you come to the Faire, she’ll bring her whole setup to demo the process of turning raw cotton into rady-to-use yarn.

Credit: Jan Ford


Ever Seen a Robot Emerge from Clay?

WonderRoot‘s ceramics manager Michael Klapthor makes mechanical beings from ceramic media. He’ll be at the Faire to show off his creations, but what’s even more exciting is that he’ll bring his spinning wheel and he’ll make a robot or two over the course of the day. Watching an artist work is quite an experience!

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

Colleen Jordan does, and she likes to show it off. She uses 3D printing to create small vessels that hold a bit of soil and a small plant, and these are then put on your bike or around your neck so you can “carry nature close to your heart.” She’ll be at the Faire this year showing off her products and talking about the process. Don’t know what 3D printing is? Come to the Faire and you’ll find out!

Workshop #3 – Squishy Circuits

Christopher Hall, a champion of young makers, will be leading an all day, ongoing workshop where you get to create Squishy Circuits. What’s that, do you ask? Well imagine you had a battery, a couple wires, and an LED connected together so the LED lights up. Now, replace the wires with a mixture that acts like conductive Play Doh, and you’ve got yourself a squishy circuit!

You’ll get to cook up this concoction and then learn some circuitry basics with switches, LEDs, and batteries. Each participant will get a small kit so that they can continue with their electrical experiments at home. Friends and adults alike are encouraged to participate!

Credit: Christopher Hall

Britt Bass :: Live Installation

Maker Faire community meet Britt Bass. Britt, meet the Maker Faire community. Britt Bass, a Georgia native, is a multi-talented artist that works with paper, fabric, paint, color, and other mediums. She’s been kind enough to commit to come to the Faire and spend the day creating a live installation using all of those things. Have you ever witnessed someone creating an immense, undulating work of art? You will…

Credit: Britt Bass

Wooden Tops from a Mini-Lathe

When’s the last time you saw a woodturning artist carve a block of wood into a wooden spinning top? Well if you happened to be in at the Hydrangea Festival in Douglasville on the weekend of June 4th, you’d probably say “I guess it was the weekend of June 4th in Douglasville.” That’s where I got to meet Steve Pritchard, a veteran wood artist and president of the Georgia Association of Woodturners. He was having a blast making tops and then coloring them with some markers to hand to all of the kids. Do you even remember the last time you spun one of these little guys? Regardless of your answer, it’s been too long!

Come to the Faire on October 6th, shake Steve’s hand, and watch him work some magic.

Do You Get Tired of Going to the Gas Station?

Do you ever get up in the middle of the night and think “Gosh, if only I drove a purely electric vehicle, then I’d never have to go to the gas station again!”

Well, Jay Summet did just that. I’m not sure if a middle-of-the-night thought was his inspiration, but he drives around a S-10 Pickup that has been converted to run on batteries. Check out what it looks like under his truckbed:

Credit: Jay Summet

How COOL IS THAT??!? Be sure to talk to Jay come October 6th so you can learn about the ins and outs of maintaining a DIY electric vehicle.

Is That a Gun Shaped Terrarium That Waters the Plants When You Pull the Trigger?

Why yes, yes it is. That’s the work of Duncan Shirah, one of our many makers.

Workshop #2 – A to Zine: How to Make, Copy and Sell Your Zine

Ever made a zine? Do you even have a clue what one is? It’s pretty simple in concept – zines are self-produced publications with no limit on form or content. That’s a reasonable starting point, but then you find yourself in front of a piece of paper, with some more paper, a handful of pencils and pens and crayons, maybe an x-acto knife, and it turns out theĀ possibilitiesĀ are endless!

Amanda Mills and the rest of the Atlanta Zine Library will be putting on a workshop where you will learn each step of making a zine. You’ll get to see a wide selection of zines from other artists, practice basic layout and formatting, and learn how to distribute zines to a wider audience. Then you get to work your artistic chops and create a page to be featured in an Atlanta Mini Maker Faire Zine!

Second Round of Makers is Up!

We’re up to 32 individuals and groups now! Maker Joe will be back, the Atlanta Zine Library will be running a Zine workshop, Relapse Theatre will show off their improv skills, Buffy Hamilton will talk about libraries as makerspaces, and much more!

Check out our newbies!