2011 Makers

We can’t thank the following makers enough for helping us make our inaugural Atlanta Mini Maker Faire a resounding success!

* These makers sold their work

Wearable Planter  *
A 3d-printed necklace that allows you to carry plants around with you wherever you go!

Prototypist Industries
Custom-made jewelry, created with digital fabrication techniques such as 3D-printing and laser cutting.

A custom rapid prototyping machine and a pedal-powered tennis-ball launcher.

Freeside Atl
Atlanta hackerspace Freeside Atl will be sharing their creations and toys, such as 3d-printers, 3d-scanning with a Kinect, LED arrays, Arduino projects, and robotics.

R2 Builders Group
A group of droid builds will be sharing their creations at the Faire. Star Wars fans – this is for y’all.

7hills Active Projects
7HillsMake will be sharing a few of their projects, such as a location-enabled POV camera and an Arduino-driven music composition platform.

UWG – Computer Science
The University of West Georgia Computer Science club will be sharing their Combat robots, Arduino projects, and assistive technology for the visually impaired (using a Kinect!).

A 3D Scanner app for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The app uses the device’s front-facing camera and light detection to create a 3D model for easy printing!

Industrious Designs
A demonstration of basic blacksmithing techniques with a portable propane forge, anvil, and post vise.

Handcrafted Textile Sensors
A collection of textile pressure, bend, tilt, stretch and stroke sensors that can be made by hand from available conductive materials by using craft techniques such as sewing, knitting, and crafting.

A lawnmower robot that runs with an RC Controller. It is a project in motion, and will eventually use GPS to autonomously mow lawns.

Maker Joe
Electro-Mechanical Alchemist: transmuting the machinery and circuitry of yesterday into fine art for today.

Technology in Sculpture by SCAD-Atlanta
Student and faculty projects developed in relation to the SCAD sculpture class SCPT315: Technology in Sculpture. Projects range from mechanical inventions to physical computing.

Refacimento Digital Art  *
The new art form, Refacimento (pronounced ree-fatch-i-men-toe), is “the radical refashioning of a work of art, often by computer.” The photos created with digital photographic techniques in this way are astounding.

Build Your Own CNC and 3D Printer
Patrick Hood-Daniel and James Floyd Kelly will demonstrate the CNC Machine and 3D Printer that can be built from the instructional books “Build Your Own CNC Machine” and “Printing in Plastic: Build Your Own 3D Printer”.

Georgia Tech Makers Club
The Makers Club manages the first completely student-run machine shop in the school, and has it’s hand in all kinds of makery mischief.

Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
The A.H.R.C. is an organization of hobbyists that supports Georgians who build robots by bringing them together in a format where they can exchange ideas. They will bring robots, of course.

Atlanta Is? / Atlanta Is!
The FEED Atlanta is a storytelling platform and collaboration catalyst which will be hosting an interactive art project aimed at uncovering what inspires Atlantans.

PoE Home Automation
An automated desk lamp and wall-mounted control panel, powered by and able to communicate through Ethernet.

Experimental flying airframe, on-board navigation, mid-flight photography, autonomous ability.

Kell Robotics
The Kell High School Robotics team participates in FIRST, and will share their competition robots. They’ll also share their funded project Kell Inventeams, a robotic oil skimmer that will be used to clean up oil spills.

Chicks can Print Stuff Too!  *
Hand Screen Printed Textile Art and mixed media pieces. A table-top press will be present for demos!

Making Meaning from Math
Custom tools and games designed to make math fun, interesting, and easy to remember.

Huggable Nature
Participants create wearable interfaces using arts and crafts to express affection towards nature.

Mary Rebecca  *
Handmade jewelry and accessories for sale!

Candy Bars Soap Co.  *
All natural, hand crafted soaps, balms, bath salts, hand-dipped incense, and more.

Mardepp  *
Paper quilts, paper weights, unique artist books and journals, bookmarks, and hand-pulled prints.

Wattsalot Shop  *
Sarah Watts is an illustrator, surface designer and hand letterer. She makes images, prints them, and sells them!

Daisynconcrete Photography  *
Fascinating photography of people and beautiful urban decay.

A meta-instrument that allows you to control music with hand gestures.

Smitcraft  *
Beautiful keychains and portraits made with a scrollsaw and a woodburner, as well as digital prints, notecards, and notebooks.

Electric S-10 Pickup
A ’95 Chevy S-10 pickup converted to run on electricity. Is has 20 golf cart batteries and a 9 inch electric motor.

A collection of African-American crochet designers and enthusiasts, sharing their “Funk, Function, and Fiber” with aspiring crafters.

Flex Family Arts  *
Hand-embroidered portraits of pop culture icons and side show performers, and vintage pin-back buttons.

Crafted with Zeal  *
Video game-inspired soaps and papercrafts.

Live music performed with a programmed Nintendo Gameboy.

WonderRoot  *
Art made by WonderRoot artists and salvaged materials that can be used for arts and crafts.

Kahuna Hoops  *
Custom hand-made hula hoops. Also, hula hooping to some funky guitar!

Copper Dancer Designs LLC  *
Hand crafted mixed-media jewelry, primarily chain mail and metal components mixed with handmade lamp-worked beads.

Arduino Robotics
Lawnbot400, an arduino-controlled lawnmower and Segbot, a ride-able Segway clone you can build yourself – all from the author of “Arduino Robotics”.

Hackerspace Charlotte
Feltronics, MAME Cabinetry, Quadcopters, Technology Vending Machines, and more!

FIRST Robotics Team 3573
A student-built robot for the 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition.

The Poetry Van
Write poetry on the big white van!

Stuff Charles Made
Weird electric scooters, analog Segways, tracked skateboards, and cute flying things.

A touch-screen gaming table made from an old rear-projection screen TV and a bunch of parts.

Fashionable Notes  *
Eco-friendly, reusable market bags made of canvas and jute.

KTStudios  *
Handmade jewelry made from vintage and recycled beads and charms, contemporary supplies, scrap fabric and some hand-sewing or embroidery.

My Inventor Club
An Atlanta-based 6400 sq ft shop with lots of equipment and tools for Makers to use and learn from.

Ceramadelics Light Sculptures
Organic, illuminating forms in clay outfitted with sensors, electronic components and color-changing LEDs.

RepRap Village
RepRaps, MakerBots, Mcwires, Repstraps, and more!

Fashion Designers Outspoken
Fashionable items created with cans!

Small glass-blowing projects and demonstration.

Makers Local 256
Huntsville’s Hackerspace will show off their projects, such as a portable photo booth, near-space photography, and more!

A competitive Robotics team at Georgia Tech, the RoboJackets will be showing off their automated soccer-playing robot, their middle weight BattleBot, and more!

MASS Collective
The MASS (Music-Art-Science-Studio) Collective is a local space with the equipment and materials needed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and creative thinking.